4 thoughts on “Live Game Chat Tonight!

  1. Can the Yankees realistically throw these next three games to damn the Red Sox? What's the policy on that?

    • I looked it up, actually. It's somewhat irrelevant as Girardi — likely to forestall any queries along these lines — already made comments to the NY Times this weekend that he would "follow baseball etiquette and field 'representative' lineups" but theoretically a team that is unable to or UNWILLING to field 9 players will forfeit the game intentionally and the rulebook covers this.

    • Well they're throwing Noesi, Colon, and probably a bunch of Scranton Yankees in the series, and they probably won't run the full A-lineup put for any game. That's as close as you're going to get though. Got to keep everyone sharp for the playoffs.

      • Yep, I agree. My second suggestion (once you get past the rulebook allowing it) is simply to toss AAA teams out there each night.