9/28 Game Thread: Last Regular season game

Ben Zobrist just gifted the Yankees a run with an error, but David Price was able to leave it at one. Talk about the rest of game 162 (and Sox/O’s, Braves/Phils, and Cards/Astros) here.

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13 thoughts on “9/28 Game Thread: Last Regular season game

  1. They games are impossible to watch because I don’t know how to react to anything. I want the Sox and Rays to both lose, but one of them losing is no good without the other, especially if it’s the Sox who win.

    • I think the balk rule is ridiculous. 99% of balk calls come when the baserunner isn’t trying to steal and isn’t being picked off. The pitcher has no intention of deceiving the runner and the runner isn’t deceived about anything. It makes no sense.

  2. This is an unbelievable day of baseball.

    7-6 Yankees.

    Angels have go-ahead run on base in the bottom of the 8th. That game will decide who plays the Yankees.

  3. Looks like some of the worry about Montero not tucking his hand may now have consequences. Hopefully it isn’t serious. Also, Golson is real fast but this is not the first time I have seen him get thrown out on the bases stupidly. While I didn’t really want to win the game overall and the play contributed to the Rays comeback, that seemed really boneheaded. I worry if we carry Golson as a PR. All said, this was an insane, nuts, ridiculous night of baseball.

  4. ok, I didn’t see the game on TV, I only followed it on MLB.com gameday.

    And I know two factors are at play here:
    A) Yanks want to rest starters and pitchers for playoffs
    B) Yanks hate BoSox with a burning passion.

    So tell me: do you think that the Yanks gave the game away on purpose?

    Common sense says no. But why leave Proctor out there after he had already thrown well over 50 pitches and seemed to be laboring? Was there nobody else available? Was Mo too tired to pitch the 9th when they could have won with a shutout inning?

    Not that I care a lot, but as a Ranger fan, I slightly more wanted to face Boston in the 1st round than Tampa. Boston has better bats but Tampa’s pitching is clearly superior.

    Actually, my dream scenario was Boston and Tampa BOTH losing tonight and playing about 20 innings tomorrow before one of them limped into Arlington Friday morning for an afternoon game.

    Anyway, good luck against Detroit. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

    Keep up the good work here. It is a great site and I love reading your stats and opinions.

  5. I would say the Yankees/Girardi were definitely not managing to win. You can’t really stop the players from trying though (7-0) nor would it be wise to do so in my opinion. I’d say they weren’t trying to lose on purpose but they weren’t concerned at all with winning either. As for Proctor, Girardi basically had nobody left in his bullpen to use, as he used numerous guys for like 1/3 to 2 innings earlier in the game just to let them pitch. It was basically just going to be Proctor until his arm fell off probably as the Yankees most likely (hopefully) won’t be carrying him onto the postseason roster anyway. Rivera, Robertson, and Soriano threw the previous day (although Robertson and Mo split the 8th on Tuesday), and Joe explicitely said he wanted to pitch Soriano Robertson and Rivera on Tuesday and not at all on Wednesday, getting 2 days of rest before game 1. Anyway I do hope Proctor gets a ring if the Yankees win the series for getting thrown out there even if he has been mostly terrible since he came back to the Yankees.