Get your dancing shoes on!

5 thoughts on “Get your dancing shoes on!

  1. or0b0to

    I loved that whole series of commercials.

    Great comical, confrontational, friendly, entertaining look at NYY v. BOS fans

  2. BrienJackson

    I thought they went downhill after the first one, and in hindsight, this one is clearly the best.

  3. man does this speak….scream….volumes now, i might watch this every day …..*logs onto facebook and posts on EVERY redsox fans page*

  4. David

    I loved these commercials (with the exception of the last one with peeing). I'm desperately hoping there's one to wrap up the season, especially with the way it ended…

  5. jay_robertson

    Thanks – this is going on MY FB page. (I may live in IA, but I have more friends in MA than I should ;D)

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