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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

31 thoughts on “Is this heaven?

  1. Truely Amazing night of baseball. I'm floating with excitement. I don't ever remember a night of non-playoff baseball where i feel like this…let alone a night where my team LOST!

  2. Coming out of my usual lurker status because I cannot believe what I just watched. I'm glad you posted this because I just might have believed I made it all up in my head. Didn't even mind that the Yankees lost. If I'm saying that, it must have been an extraordinary night!

    OK, I retreat to my lurker lair. Thanks!

  3. Seriously… I had my laptop open w/ 2 MLB.tv streams going to watch the NL games and was flipping back and forth between ESPN and NESPN watching the two AL games.

    Most exciting night of Baseball I've ever witnessed for sure!

  4. Not just absurdly exciting baseball, but absurdly cruel. Particularly for Red Sox fans.

    My advice is to easy on any sort of gloating. What happened to the Red Sox over the last month, and particularly tonight, transcends the NY – Boston rivalry. It causes me to question our sanity, investing as much emotionally as we do in this crazy and capricious game.

    Hate to be a downer. I thought 1960 was bad. I was 8 years old and temporarily living in LA during the 1963 World Series. 1997 sucked. 2001 was worse. 2004 threw me into something like a depression for a month. But I've never seen anything like what just happened to the Red Sox. Live long enough, and baseball will deliver up a defeat more crushing than you thought possible. Live a little longer, and that defeat will be handed to your local ballclub.

  5. I'm dancing and partying. Best night of baseball ever! Will any of the IITAMS crew be at game one of the alds?

  6. I agree with Brien. This is the best single night of simultaneous games I have ever seen — and I've been following MLB since 1962. Three crucial season-ending dramatic one-run unpredictably stunningly exciting games happening all at the same time. OMFSM.

    • Yeah, that's what it was. I've seen some awesome *days* of postseason baseball before, but nothing like tonight, where I was literally cycling through three different games after every pitch. And that's not even considering that Atlanta, Boston, and New York all had their opponent down to their last strike! Just bananas!

  7. Is this heaven? Let's ask Annie Savoy:

    "I've tried 'em all, I really have, and the only church that truly feeds the soul is the Church of Baseball."

  8. You should add one strange play. In the top of the 12th, Yankees had 1st and 3rd with 0 outs and then Golson got tagged out at third and Yankees failed to score.

  9. BOSTON, MA – The Boston Red Sox declared bankruptcy tonight when the New England baseball team failed to make the playoffs. "Sales of our ubiquitous pink caps plummeted immediately after the season ended," said the president of Red Sox "Nation", Theo Epstein. "We also have millions of medical insurance claims to pay to casual fans who recently fell off the bandwagon."

    "And Carl Crawford was a complete bust," added Epstein. "What the fuck?"

    In related news, Scott Proctor won New York's coveted Most Ironically Successful Implosion Award. In a press release, Proctor stated that winning this award "is an honor" and that he's glad to have "vindicated" manager Joe Girardi's "unmitigated genius."

  10. MLB.tv $19.99 a month on the credit card
    Cable $70 a month on the credit card
    HD TV $1200 on the credit card
    Laptop $1300 on the credit card
    Being able to watch the Red sox collapse priceless…

  11. Awesome night filled with drama. It's useful to remind ourselves that expanding the wild card to two teams would have made this just another meaningless, late-season night since both the Braves and Sox would have made it in regardless. You can criticize baseball all you want for the small number of teams who make it into the postseason but that's what creates meaningful games down the stretch.

  12. I have the Red Sox playing 27 games in September… and going 7-20. Rays with 27, going 17-10 and Yankees with 28 going 12-16… with five losses after playing "tank it" baseball (e.g. after clinching home field).

    The NESN article is the gift that keeps on giving. Talk about a jinx…

    • I thought the Yankees went 16-12 in September. And yes, there were "tank it" losses, including last night's most dramatic Spring Training loss ever.

      • Sorry, you're right. Too early a conference call on a day off for religious observance and without coffee kicking in = numerical dyslexia!

  13. The most amazing part about the whole thing is that in a span of 5 minutes we had this:
    Boston up 3-2, bot 9th, papelbon pitching with 2 outs, no one on (95% chance of a boston win)
    Yanks with runners on 1st and 3rd, no outs (82% chance of a yankee win)

    In all likelihood, the Rays season was over, the miraculous comeback ended and Boston averting the apocalypse and punching their ticket to a date with Texas in the ALDS. All of this would merely be a footnote on the 2011 MLB Regular Season wikipedia entry.

    And just like that, in the span of FIVE minutes, the Rays get out of the inning, Baltimore hits two doubles and single to win the game and Longoria sends the Rays to the playoffs.

    I've never seen anything like it. And I'm not even counting the 9th inning 2-out HR by Johnson. The 6 run rally in the 8th, the fact that their were other pertinent games all going on…

    There have been single moments in my sports following lifetime that have been truly amazing. But, nothing that spanned MULTIPLE GAMES with a result like this in such a short span of time. And it didn't even involve "my team" winning to make it special. Just awesome.

  14. I was watching the game on TV and for most of the game I was just sitting there and going "well, at least the Yankees are in good shape", but after Logan hit Kotchman my gut tells me something special was going on, and it was right. A
    A couple of homers and a resumed game in Baltimore later I was more awake than I was the whole day. Soon after that the Yankees get 1st and 3rd while the Orioles are down to their last out. I was ready to call the day one of the most disappointing days in my life (well there were other things combined with baseball, but it was disappointing), when miracle happened.
    Within minutes Bob Lorenzo updated the situation over there, game is tied by Reimold and I was suddenly staring at the TV intensely. A few minutes after that I was both excited and elated to find out that good old Papelbon blew the save and lost the game. I was just cheering along with the Rays fans.
    As I turned back to the TV, I noticed Longoria is batting. This time my gut told me that Longoria will pull one for a homerun. A few pitches later, my gut is proven correct once again. I jumped out of my chair and cheered and fist-pumped like the Yankees have just won the ALCS. A truly magical night, and I was glad that I stayed up despite being more tired than usual.

  15. Unbelievable. I was burning out my channel changer and picture in a picture feature. I'll try not to gloat too much but seeing Papelbon blow the save with two outs and nobody on (especially after the ESPN announcer said there was no way Papelbon was NOT going to close it out) I have to admit I felt a surge of glee and the voice in my head was Nelson from the Simpsons going "Ha ha!"

  16. I have to start with a disclosure of a simple fact. For reasons I am not able to put into words I hate Papelbon more than any other member of the Red Sox. Therefore I gloat that he is the goat. However, in fairness they have just asked to much of him over the past four days. As soon as he entered I felt that the O's had a good chance, and though I was a little worried when he struck out the first two hitters as soon as Davis doubled I had a feeling he was out of gas and the O's would at least tie. Similarly, when Proctor hit 50 pitches and had no yet allowed a run the only possible outcomes were that he would quickly allow a run or his arm was going to fall off. Didn't make it any less exciting and sweet.

  17. Yanks should have put Riviera in in the 9th. You play to win. Mark my words: Rays will beat the Yanks in 7 games in the ALCS.

  18. The only thing that I really had any interest in last night was seeing the Red Sox miss the playoffs because, well, just because.

    The drama was artificial in my opinion, two faux "pennant race" between teams competing for second place for crying out loud! Sorry, but I can't get excited about a manufactured for TV event like that. You could expand the playoffs to any number of teams and there will still be "competition" for the last spot that would be endlessly hyped by print and TV morons and celebrated as if it were the same as the Yanks/Red Sox of 1978 or Dodgers/Giants of 1951. It isn't – not by a long shot.

    I don't remember hearing any of you guys who are engaging in this absurd hyperbole about how this is the most exciting event in baseball history lamenting the fact that a pennant race that could have been between the Yankees and Rays last year was completely neutered by this wild card nonsense.

    So, yeah, against my better judgment I stayed up too late last night to watch the Rays embarrass the Yankees JV squad while the Red Sox imploded against the Orioles on MLB Gameday on my laptop. I likes the outcome but I didn't find it particularly exhilarating.

    Baseball is the best sport in my opinion but it was, in my opinion, greater when there were real pennant races – you know, for first place.