Why the Yankees can win it all

2. CC Sabathia gives them a chance to win every game he pitches, and Joe Girardi will have no problem using the big horse on short rest whenever he feels the need to.

3. The back end of the bullpen is very deep. Mariano Rivera and David Robertson were two of the best relievers in baseball, and Rafael Soriano has been pretty good since returning from the DL in July. If these three can dominate at the back end of the game, it could do a lot to bolster a shaky corps of starters.

4. This is a group that’s been here before. Not to rely too much on cliché, but the Yankees’ roster is loaded with postseason experience, so there shouldn’t be any concern about stage fright, or any reason to worry about players being overwhelmed by the moment.

5. You know what? Maybe it’s just their year. This was a team that was supposed to have critical starting pitching problems, that was supposed to have no chance of beating the Red Sox, and yet Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia held up all season, Ivan Nova surprised everyone and they finished with the best record in the American League. Why shouldn’t the magic continue into October?

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9 thoughts on “Why the Yankees can win it all

  1. I disagree. First off, he starting rotation is very shaky after Sabathia. Nova had a great season, but the Yanks are relying on a rookie to have a huge role in the playoffs, we'll all have to wait and see how he performs. Garcia is simply inconsistent. If a situation comes up where Burnett and Hughes have to be used, they've been even more inconsistent than Garcia.
    Secondly, the bullpen is very shaky after Rivera and Robertson. I'm surprised you think Soriano has been very good recently when he gave up 3 earned runs in one inning two days ago. Logan, Ayala, and Wade gave up 7 earned runs total in 2 innings last night. Unfortunately, Robertson and Rivera can't pitch all the relief innings just as Sabathia can't start all the games. However, I do think they can get deep in the playoffs, I just would be surprised if they win it all.

    • I think you're a little more doom-and-gloom then is warranted.

      – Sabathia is a legit put a team on his back and win ace.
      – Nova has given them the possibility to win almost every game he's started since he returned from the minors.
      – The third starter (Garcia or maybe some patchwork of pitchers) doesn't have to be lights out, they just have to keep the offense in the game, and with a 5 game series, I'd be fine w/ a 3rd game loss and then hand the ball back to CC for the clinching game.
      – As far as the bullpen goes… you can't seriously take such a small sample size as 2 inning from one game and ascribe that to some overarching trend for the bullpen's effectiveness. The NYY's bullpen has been one of there strengths all season, and that includes people not names so-ro-mo.

      Can the get eliminated? Sure. But I think that it will be a case of getting out played, not a scenario where they fail to execute.

      • Being an old man and seen just about every yankee scenario since 1952…..i still shake my head and wonder why with all the money spent on the yankee roster why they've put all thier eggs on Sabthia's shoulder's…..sure he's a work horse..but work horse give out to…..they need Cash back….I love my Yankees

        • Theyve tried going after other pitchers… AJ was supposed to be that guy, that obviously didnt work out… Then Cliff Lee… Even this year at the trading deadline they tried to get Kuroda frim the Dodgers.

          They have tried getting starting pitching but there just hasnt been any quality pitchers on the market the last few years… This year there is CJ Wilson but thats really it. I think next year there is Francisco Liriano assuming the twins dont give him an extension. So its not like they havent tried to get Sabathia help.

    • ivan nova is a lot better than you think…his play in the regular season warranted him a spot in the rotation, and the yankees bullpen, with a few exceptions, has been lights out….and with the offense the way it is gives the yanks a chance to win it all no matter what

  2. Remember, a young inexperienced Pitcher pitching in the 1995 Playoff's by the name of Andy Pettite only gave up 4 runs over 7 innings.
    With the Current Yankee Offense, I think we'd all take that from Nova in G2 of the ALDS

  3. This is YOUR post? wow. First time I read it, I guess I just assumed that it was Brian's work.

    CC really hasn't looked that good lately – I've always wondered why they don't put the sacrificial goat pitcher against the other team's ace, and then let CC have a guaranteed win against their 2nd string…

    You're right, we HAVE been there; A-Rod proved last time that one can eventually "get" it; with luck, this will be Swish's year.

    Fine – I'll go with you, if only because I WANT you to be right.