39 thoughts on “ALDS Game 1 Lineups (and Game Thread)

  1. From what I tell Inge is horrible overall, and even though he hit much better against lefties, it's still not exactly what you'd want against a guy like Sabathia. Is there something I'm not seeing about Inge, a mental move, or just something with Betemit??

  2. The tigers lineup is horrible…1-3 hitters each have wOBAs below .310. Peralta, one of the teams best hitters, is batting 8th…

    What is leyland thinking?

  3. A big thank you to the first two commenters for jinxing the Yanks completely (even though I privately tend to agree)!

  4. Red Sox presser going as we speak explaining firing of Francona. Wouldn't want to distract from the post-season, would we John Henry? Keep it classy, BoSox!

  5. Three very jittery plays from the Tigers' catcher and infield in the bottom of the first allow the Yanks to tie the game without a hit.

    • I was yelling "You struggle in the postseason, Nick Swisher, and now is the time for REDEMPTION" and my gf and the bird looked at me funny… then he grounded out. /sadpanda

        • Would you appreciate this? http://bit.ly/dLVfYY Even if you could have gotten this monstrosity approved by the City (think of all the park space that would have been lost), the cost of building this apparatus was estimated at around $200 million. Figure that the actual cost would have come in north of $300 million.

          I've been to a couple of games at Safeco, where the roof works well and does not dominate the Stadium, but the Stadium was designed to accommodate the roof. If we wanted a new Stadium that looked something like the old Stadium, it really couldn't be roofed.

          For a contrast, here's a schematic of Safeco: http://bit.ly/nFqZ60. Notice even at Safeco, which is a smaller structure than the New Yankee Stadium, the roof apparatus is huge. It kinda swallows up the back end of the park, and it sticks out a considerable distance from the park. You're not really aware of the roof while you're in the park and the roof is retracted. But note the park is designed so that its walls are like railroad tracks for the roof to move on and off. If you want Yankee Stadium to have the frieze, then you'd have to build walls outside the Stadium to hold the tracks … It could have been done, but it would have been a very different place.

          But I'm home warm and dry, so what do you think?

          • Well Larry I was in RF and I was cold. I was dry because my seat just made being under cover but other than that all I was seeing was rain. I have been to three Yankee games this year including yesterday. And two out of the three have rained. Like seriously what are the odds? 26 Yankee games have been rained out. I have been to one rain delay game that ended up finishing at 2 in the morning and now a suspended playoff game. I didn't pay 130 bucks to see nova vs fister. I want to see cc vs verlander which I only saw less than two innings worth of. Verlander was struggling and even though cc gave up a homer..he looked dominant. If we had a roof..I believe we would have been up 1-0 right now. and would put to bed the talks of verlander being the second coming of Jesus fir the media. Yes ticket prices might be higher for a roof but I'm a Yankee fan and I already pay ridiculous amounts of money to see them. So paying more would have been normal to me. Now I'm going back to the game tonight. And there is rain in the forecast. I could be going back to the stadium tomorrow to see game 1 a third time. And that will have the crowd chanting roof lol

  6. Jason, if both Starting pitchers leave the game, presumably Yanks get the better end Since CC pitched twice, and Verlander just once, even if they both come back on short rest Yanks get an extra inning out of the Ace right?

  7. OH G-D!!! MAKE THE TBS ANNOUNCERS AND GAME BREAK PEOPLE STOP!!! Even if I liked them when they were playing, I mean… man…

    • As I put on my Facebook status, I'm beginning to think that Joe Maddon is like Captain Kirk. Can all his guesses be right?

  8. This just in: if game is postponed for rain, it will be rescheduled for a World Series travel day.

    • Much like it had to be Carl Crawford dropping the ball, there had to be weather issues for the Yankees in the postseason…

  9. Sorry, but I'm actually somewhat happy with the delay. Had to do some things and just got home now and only wound up missing an inning and a half. Speaking of which, what's with Verlander? 2 walks and a wild pitch on the strike out to Jeter in the first inning. Does he look as bad as that sounds?

    And CC, 4 strike outs in 2 innings. Does he look as good as that sounds?

  10. ok – game postponed. do either come back tomorrow?

    I'm not a pitcher – but does throwing 25 pitches absolutely preclude a good outing the next day?

    • Could always pull another patchwork game?

      Go AJ => Hughes => Wade => Soriano => Robertson => Mo

      Keep a short leash on AJ, and let the rest flow as needed.

    • My crazy thought would be trying to get CC in for Game 2 and Game 5 so he gets two more appearances this series, if necessary.