6 thoughts on “ALDS Game 1 postponed

  1. This was a totally travesty for the MLB…

    To have arguably the two best pitchers in the AL slated against each other… the two most important starters to each team… and have the game postponed after 1.5 innings is inexcusable.

    Weather prediction on that short of a timeline is accurate enough to have known what was coming…

    This was a product of "MLB the business" and not "MLB the sport," they just wanted to kick it off at all costs rather than doing what was right from the beginning.

  2. I hope the plan is to get CC Game 2 and Game 5 so he gets to pitch twice more? Is that even doable?

    Girardi, I think, was sounding like AJ was getting the start tomorrow in what we saw of the presser until TBS inexplicably cut away for more talking heads instead of, y'know, actual live entertainment?