Just for kicks: More Soxenfreude

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7 thoughts on “Just for kicks: More Soxenfreude

  1. John

    Is this considered kicking them when they are down?

    ……Do we even care? Probably not.

    • BrienJackson

      nah, this is just making fun of CHB. It's pretty much an olive branch to Red Sox fans, really.

      • John

        Good point.

        Does that mean making fun of Murray Chass is an olive branch to all baseball fans in general?

  2. Bill

    Can you blame the guy? I don't think anyone thought that the scenario that played out was going to happen.

    • LarryAtIIATMS

      No responsible journalist ever says never.

      • jay_robertson

        key word there being "responsible."

  3. Matthew G.

    How does that man stay alive on the streets of Boston?

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