Playoff Preview with the Pulse Network

This morning, I talked with Butch Stearns over at the Pulse Network about the baseball goings on. We discussed the Terry Francona/Theo Epstein situation (comparing it to Brian Cashman/Joe Torre post-2007) and of course, the upcoming ALDS matchup between the Yankees and Tigers. Watch here and enjoy!

A native and resident of the Mean Streets of Southwestern Connecticut, Matt is a narcissistic, misanthropic 20something English teacher who lives by a simple creed: Yankees Only.

4 thoughts on “Playoff Preview with the Pulse Network

  1. Professor Longnose

    I’m getting a “Not a Valid Channel Name” error.

  2. Professor Longnose

    Found it by searching for you.

    • Link should be fixed now.

      • Professor Longnose

        Good stuff. All the MLB Network guys are picking the Tigers. Not a surprise.

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