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9 thoughts on “Rainout creates a mess for Yankees

  1. Sicne I live in NY and I knew the rain was coming… I have to assume that either the MLB front-office was either under instructions to start the game at all costs or somehow got "bad" information (the TBS announcers kept saying the reports they were seeing were not as dire as we got).

    So… yeah. Terrible call, MLB? I think the only way to solve this is sweep with Game 2 being a blowout, so we can deploy aggressively.

  2. I wouldn't be shocked to see CC on Sunday, and on top of that it also means the tigers just got shafted too as if Leyland sticks to his guns, Verlander is starting one game and one game only for sure. So I think it screws both teams equally in my opinion.

    Still too bad as CC was looking like he was on today while Verlander looked really shaky in that 1st inning.

  3. Can I say it sucks to see not even two innings of baseball and one hour of rain. And now I have to go back to finish a game that should be done. I have been to three Yankee games this year..two out of three have rained…ughhh

    • Sabrina, Might I suggest that you sell those tickets and not go to the game. It seems to me that you bring rain and I reeeeeaaaaaallly don't want to get wet again tonight.

  4. I think this just made the series even more interesting. Yes, it stinks that the CC/Verlander matchup is going to be postponed. But, I find it very intriguing when a series takes an unlikely turn. Who would've thought Burnett would make a start this series? Who would actually want Burnett to make a start this series… ?

    I will say that I DID like the storyline that Leyland would not pitch Verlander in Game 4 if facing elimination. I felt he'd back down from that if the situation presented itself… but I guess we will never know now.

  5. If The Yanks win Games 1 and 2, does Girardi have to throw CC in Game 3? Why not throw Burnett out there against Verlander and see what happens (seeing as how he's now likely to get a start anyway). If Detroit wins, Yanks throw CC against Porcello to wrap it up; If the Yankees win, CC is set up for three potential starts in the LCS.

    The fact that Burnett likely has to start a game in this series means the Yankees got the short end of the stick. That is not the scenario the Yankees were expecting heading into the series. CC_Verlander is a wash in my opinion- both were going to pitch deep into two games and now both will pitch deep into only one.

  6. I'm hearing that tonight (Saturday) is already postponed. How does that affect rotations?

  7. I think this helps the Yanks. 1) Only one game vs. Verlander. 2) Detroit's right-handed hitting line-up is locked in tonight against Nova. Yeah, the prospect of an AJ start worries me, but I think it's offset by seeing Verlander only once.

  8. Interesting odd note re the lefty/righty matchup that the Professor mentions above: righties have a higher avg off of Nova than lefties do, .276 to .240.