Sherman: Playoff expansion on the way

Joel Sherman reports that a second wild card in both leagues, and a one-game playoff between the two, is pretty much a done deal as negotiations over a new collective bargaining agreement continue:

Negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement for Major League Baseball are moving at a fast pace and one issue the sides have all but agreed upon is adding two wild-card teams and holding one-game playoffs in each league to determine which of the wild cards advances, The Post has learned.

One person involved in the talks described that scenario as a done deal and another hedged a little by saying it is likely to play out that way, but nothing will be finalized until an entire CBA is inked.

Both sources said because there would be just a one-game playoff added, the second wild-card team could be installed as early as next year, but the new system will go into effect no later than 2013.

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Recent study suggests sabermetrics are connected to root of all evil

Typically, I dismiss most articles in my RSS feed produced by the mainstream media.  Generally with a raised brow and a quick decisive click of the mouse ,they’re gone and I’m onto the next topic du jour. I have to give Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports credit though for grabbing my attention after producing one of the more myopic posts I’ve read in quite some time — one that I’d like to take a few moments to furiously protest against respond too. Whitlock explains, I won’t be going to see “Moneyball.” The movie celebrates the plague ruining sports: sabermetrics. … [James, Continue reading Recent study suggests sabermetrics are connected to root of all evil

Girardi clarifies ALDS rotation

                    Yesterday Joe Girardi added some clarity to the rotation he plans to use for the upcoming ALDS. It was reported on in numerous places later in the afternoon, but the Yankee manager broke the news on his weekly segment with WFAN’s Mike Francesa. Here’s the breakdown: Game 1-CC Sabathia Game 2-Ivan Nova Game 3-Undecided Game 4-CC Sabathia (3 days rest) Game 5-Ivan Nova (full rest) It’s amazing that we’ve reached game 156 of the regular season and we still have no clear choice for a Game 3 start, but here Continue reading Girardi clarifies ALDS rotation

Game Thread: Red Sox vs. Yankees, 9/23/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

[Update: 9/23/11 — 8:03 PM] Game’s been postponed.  Double header scheduled for Sunday. [Update: 9/23/11 — 7:00 PM] Tonight’s game is currently in rain delay.  Check back with TYA for updates throughout the evening.  Until then enjoy your Friday! The Yankees have clinched a playoff berth. They’ve won their division. With a little luck, they’ll have home field advantage in the bag soon enough. Meanwhile, the Sox have spiraled into oblivion this month and are sputtering to the finish line. A win tonight (weather permitting) for the Yanks places that much more pressure on those guys from Bean-Town. Use this Continue reading Game Thread: Red Sox vs. Yankees, 9/23/2011 (7:05PM EST on YES)

Joe Girardi: Manager of the Year

(Graphic courtesy of Tyler Wilkinson) What makes a great manager? Is it a keen mind that grasps and applies strategy well? A foundation of organization and planning that allows the manager to rarely be caught off guard? A sense of the moment and the ability to improvise and go with his gut? The ability to handle the egos on his roster and survive in the media? All of the above? Luckily, this is a question that the Manager of the Year voters never feel the need to address. Instead, they determine which team was the most surprising or had the Continue reading Joe Girardi: Manager of the Year

Maybe I want to play the Tigers after all

Somewhat shocking news out of Detroit, as Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland announces that the greatest starting pitcher in the history of the entire universe Justin Verlander will absolutely not start Game 4 of the ALDS on short rest:

“Verlander will pitch Game 1 and Game 5,” Leyland said. “All the second-guessers can come out and say I should pitch him in the fourth game if we’re behind, but that’s not going to happen.”

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A stark example of why wins and losses don’t measure pitching performance

If I could choose to eliminate one statistic from all of baseball, I’d choose a pitcher’s wins total gleefully. There may be other popular statistics that are also misleading, such as RBI or runs, but no statistic is as egregious an offender, no statistic is leaned upon so heavily for misinformation, as a pitcher’s number of wins. Most statistically minded baseball fans object to using wins to evaluate pitchers for the same reason. Simply put, a high win-loss record is not highly correlated with pitching performance. The best example is Felix Hernandez in 2010. Last year King Felix had an Continue reading A stark example of why wins and losses don’t measure pitching performance

Whither Bartolo?

So, Bartolo Colon. He was…not very good last night. 7 hits and 7 runs (5 earned) in just 3 innings pitched qualifies as “really not good,” right? Of course, Derek Jeter‘s error didn’t help him out any, but at the same time everything the Rays put in play was hit well. Big Bad Bartolo was just bad last night.

The performance puts a cap on a disappointing second half for Colon. After a shocking and fantastic first half, Colon has really fallen off since the All-Star game. The biggest problem for Colon seems to be that he’s given up too many hits, seeing his H/9 rise from 8.1 before the All-Star game to a whopping 10.5 since. That’s not going to get it done on a consistent basis, and it’s not likely to get it done against the Rangers or Tigers either.

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Series Preview | Yankees vs. Red Sox VI: Winless in the Bronx

The Yankees are 0-6 at home against the Red Sox this year, having first suffered the ignominy of being swept at New Yankee Stadium for the first time in its three-season history by Boston in mid-May, then less than a month later being on the receiving end of an even more dubious distinction, as the Red Sox administered a second straight sweep of the Bombers at home, marking both the first time in history the Sox had ever won six straight games at a structure called Yankee Stadium, not to mention the first time the Yankees had ever been swept Continue reading Series Preview | Yankees vs. Red Sox VI: Winless in the Bronx