Sherman: Playoff expansion on the way

This proposal hasn’t really met with a positive response across most of the internet baseball world, but I still like it. I like that it creates a tangible incentive to win your division rather than settling for a wild card, I like that it creates a real disadvantage for the wild card teams in the ALDS, and I’m excited for the prospect of the one-game playoffs.

Sherman’s reporting also outlines what I think are some pretty weak arguments against the idea within the game:

Nevertheless, there had been a lot of management officials who are concerned that a team would spend six months and 162 games to earn a playoff spot, and be eliminated in one game. This group felt it would be particularly unfair if, for example, one wild-card team won significantly more games than another and was ousted in a one-game playoff.

Well cry me a river! Arguments like this really annoy me, if only because you’d obviously never think of applying it to the status quo.…

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Recent study suggests sabermetrics are connected to root of all evil

Typically, I dismiss most articles in my RSS feed produced by the mainstream media.  Generally with a raised brow and a quick decisive click of the mouse ,they’re gone and I’m onto the next topic du jour. I have to give Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports credit though for grabbing my attention after producing one...

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Joe Girardi: Manager of the Year

(Graphic courtesy of Tyler Wilkinson)

What makes a great manager? Is it a keen mind that grasps and applies strategy well? A foundation of organization and planning that allows the manager to rarely be caught off guard? A sense of the moment and the ability...

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Maybe I want to play the Tigers after all

Don’t listen to ’em Jim! You know what you’re doing, who needs to maximize your best starting pitchers in the playoffs? Those damn Moneyball nerds, that’s who. And what do they know about baseball anyway?

Seriously though, why are managers so stupid? This isn’t even a remotely difficult decision for the Tigers. The only two dependable starters they have right now are Verlander and Doug Fister, and given the layout of the ALDS schedule, the Game 2 starter can also start Game 5 on normal rest. So literally all you have to do is ask your best starter to throw one game on short rest if the series even gets to a fourth game, and you can avoid using your fourth best starter (in the Tigers’ case, that would be Rick Porcello and his 84 ERA+) altogether. If you can’t have enough faith in your so-called ace to do that, what’s the point?

Say what you will about Joe Girardi, he seems to get this (though they haven’t actually had to start C.C.

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A stark example of why wins and losses don’t measure pitching performance

Even D-Rob knows he got lucky Wednesday night

If I could choose to eliminate one statistic from all of baseball, I’d choose a pitcher’s wins total gleefully. There may be other popular statistics that are also misleading, such as RBI or runs,...

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Whither Bartolo?

Just yesterday I opined that
, for no particular reason, Colon struck me as more likely to give the Yankees at least 4 solid innings in Game 3 of the ALDS. Suffice it to say, that assumption took a pretty big hit last night. Not that I have any more faith in Garcia, who hasn’t pitched all that well since returning from the DL, but I can’t say I have much faith in Colon either. That’s probably not totally fair, as it was just two starts ago that he went 7 innings and held the Angels to one run, but the ALDS is going to see a matchup with a much better offense than the Angels’.

So where are we now? Maybe right back where we started the season; wondering about Phil Hughes and (gulp!) A.J. Burnett. Hughes has had his rough outings to be sure, but if his barking back isn’t an issue come October 3rd, Hughes might be the safe choice to make that start.…

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Series Preview | Yankees vs. Red Sox VI: Winless in the Bronx

A-Rod make baseball go bye-bye. (screengrab c/o YES via

The Yankees are 0-6 at home against the Red Sox this year, having first suffered the ignominy of being swept at New Yankee Stadium for the first time in its three-season...

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