Jonathan Papelbon, IIATMS hero-to-be?

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6 thoughts on “Jonathan Papelbon, IIATMS hero-to-be?

  1. He might actually really like Houston. I think a lot of guys go there for the ranches and hunting. So says my Astros fan friend. Maybe not winning though.

  2. Hank

    A) I love how he assumes he could have stuck as a starter and even given 6 innings repeatably and would be a 15mil/yr starter
    B) What situation could he possible go to where his family would not be safe?
    C) When a player says it's not about the money….

  3. Bean Tooth

    Right now Randy Levine is penciling him in for a cool 6/$85 m to be the 6th inning guy.

  4. Michael

    Don't forget those opt out clauses!

  5. domonic

    Pap if you reading this, take the money and run

  6. Dave

    I can't tell… he taking a dump in that picture?

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