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24 thoughts on “Tough day to be a Sox fan

  1. Thanks, Jason. Would have missed that article without your link.

    Hard to believe, if true. Drinking and eating KFC (or was it Popeyes?) during a game, in the clubhouse?

    Please, I do NOT want to read that the Yankees also do that – if only because it is a sure thing that if the media did claim a Yankee did that, I'm pretty sure Alex would be the first guy accused.

    Oh well – if they're that dysfunctional, all we have to worry about is the Rays and the Orioles. And the Blue Jays. And what to do about the playoffs. ;)

    • the image of Lackey's fingers slipping off of his XBox controller due to his greasy fingers is delightful in so many ways.

      however, it seems to me more like something where the truth gets twisted around, relayed to ownership/management/"sources", and then makes for a great headline. are we sure Randy Levine still works for the Yankees?

  2. it will be interesting to see how Epstein does in Chicago. i'm not quite sure what to make of his tenure in Boston. while they've obviously had some success with drafting/developing a few players, their free-agent track record is pretty weak overall.

    of course, the rings are the most important mark on his resume. i just wonder how much credit he truly deserves for them.

    • The team that won in 2004 was largely in place before he became the GM; the main feather in his cap there was the mid-season Garciaparra trade. The key move for the 2007 team, trading Hanley Rameriz for Josh Beckett and Mike Lowell occurred while Epstein was in contract negotiations with the team and not the acting GM. Supposedly, he was dead set against trading Rameriz and never would have done the deal, but some in the local media have said that they don't believe he was actually hands off during that period.

      Anyway, long story short, there's a good case to be made that Epstein deserves practically no credit for the two titles.

  3. I would bet dollars to dimes that almost all of this report is heavily, HEAVILY, exaggerated at the very least. As many others have pointed out, the current Red Sox front office has been ruthlessly efficient at using the local media to trash people on their way out of Boston, and it looks like it was Francona's turn.

    At the risk of arguing via truism; if this report is anywhere close to even 90% accurate and we're just now hearing about it, every newspaper in Boston should fire their beat reporter before the end of the day.

    • Looks to me like they are trying to push a few of the players out of Boston with this report as well. Only Pedroia comes out looking well.

    • Yeah this seems like classic Boston scapegoating and bashing guys out the door (look at the past – Nomar, Pedro, Manny, even Damon, etc.) or who they want out the door (Lackey). The Boston media is basically a tool and mouthpiece for ownership and at times tries to get the ball rolling on non-favored players.

      I still remember Peter Gammons "reporting" that Pedroia was talking about working out at SS the day before the Jays had to decide whether to offer Scutaro arbitration (who the Red Sox were obviously targeting and did not want to give up a first round comp pick for)…. The Red Sox used Gammons to leak the story the day before the arb decision in hopes that the Jays might not want to offer Scutaro arbitration (as if Boston wasn't in on him, the Jays might be stuck if he accepted it)

      I expected something generic on Francona, but the shots were pretty low (I thought it would be morebe more t he lost the team, wasn't hard enough on the players and let things slip, ect) . The medical stuff should be offlimits (and has to make players wonder how confidential their medical stuff might be) not to mention it seems like this is something Francona has been dealing with for years and suprise, surprise, just now it is a concern and leaking to the media.

      Lackey was not a surprise, Beckett was never one of the media guys, and while I think Lester is liked by the media he's just collateral damage in the story.

      I can only imagine the Papelbon stories/coverage if he walks in FA (media is probably saving that stuff waiting to see how that turns out)

  4. I'm in the middle of '1949' by David Halberstam. He does a good job of taking apart the Boston media of that time, and how it was nothing tabloid sensationalism, and they were more against the players than for them. I guess some things never change.

    • If I really had to guess, I'd say the beer and chicken thing probably happened once, and wasn't really that big of a deal.

  5. Most striking thing about the article was the insinuation that Francona was a drug addict. Talk about throwing someone under the bus. Not even the crap written about Isaiah Thomas was that bad — and all of it was true. As I told my Sox-fan friend, Welcome to the 1980s Yankees.

    • Bean, terrific point. This in contrast to how incredibly classy Tito was on his way out, taking as much blame as possible on his shoulders.

    • Bean, I was coming here to respond to that very point and you beat me to it. The article was pretty clear in it's "We're not saying he had a drug problem, we're not saying he didn't have a drug problem, but we think he had a drug problem and we're letting you the reader decide!" AFTER COVERING THEIR LIABILITY ASS BY PUTTING IN HOW THE TEAM DOCTOR FLAT OUT SAID HE DIDN'T HAVE A PROBLEM!

      That was the most offensive thing I've read in quite some time. Francona's, by all accounts, a good guy and a pretty good manager and has gone out of his way to comport himself well in public before, during and immediately after his stay in BOS. As well, if he's upset over the possible end of his marriage and over his sons in the war overseas and STILL managed to do as well as he did, more power to him. Make fun of his wife's name, if folks want to get creative as fans heckling, but this MSM piece was just terrible!

  6. The Boston media market has done this with all of its departing players for all of its sports. It is the only reason I like to read the Boston papers after a particularly ugly day, but you have to take it all with a grain of salt. They are trying to sell papers, not report truths, and i'm guessing there is very little to gain in someone fully investigating this and claiming that this report is overstated; The reporter who does such a thing will probably just be blacklisted by other Boston writers.

  7. I think Theo's departure is a damn fine thing for us Yankee fans. I may be young, but were the Red Sox ever more of a threat to the Yankees than they have been under his tenure? This man had the Red Sox as the best team in baseball under his tenure. Throw regular season wins and playoff appearances at me all you want, who do you think remembers 2002-2011 more fondly, Red Sox or Yankee fans?

    As for the disunity and dysfunction of the Sox I say who cares. Baseball is largely an independent sport. Its the batter vs the pitcher. I think the whole teamwork thing is baseball is kind of important, but just the same if you have a bunch of guys who do their own individual job correctly, the team will win. They don't have to go out to dinner together every night. It helps to be good friends with your teammates but its really not necessary.

    • Michael, you dare to question the prevailing narrative? One that Red Sox ownership has itself embraced? Don't you know that you cannot throw a strike to a catcher you do not like? That if you come to bat with the bases loaded, you won't drive those runners in unless they have your back in the clubhouse? That as you dive headlong through space to catch a line drive in the outfield, whether or not that ball ends up in your glove is a product of whether the veterans in the dugout are exercising leadership? That we should toss out our fancy sabermetrics, and instead have FanGraphs publish a count of empty beer cans in the locker room trash? That the Red Sox are busy trying to develop a urine test that can accurately distinguish between chicken that is flame-broiled versus extra crispy?

      You are a brave, brave man.

      • The funny part of that, is that they mention Ellsbury and that he essentially hates everybody but Lowrie. And then admits that he had a good year. Maybe he got to Crawford, and got him to play bad so that Ellsbury wouldn't have to!!

        By the way, the rumor that I heard, was that Ellsbury was actually taking all of Francona's drugs so that he could play the whole season and not bring the wrath of Youks down on his head.

  8. Off topic, but can anyone shed light on why several of the pictured Sox fans are wearing green? Is that actually a throwback jersey? Whatever it is, it sure is uuugly. If I were a BoSox fan (God forbid) I would never buy one of those. Of course, we do have fans that like the cute pink Yankee hats!

  9. I live in the metro-Boston area, and trust me when I say this: literally EVERYONE that cares enough to have an opinion knows exactly what the Red Sox are doing here. This time it blew up in their faces, as while the locals may have had split opinions about Clemens, Martinez, etc, Terry Francona was still widely respected around these parts.