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ESPN New York reports that, if C.C. Sabathia opts out of his contract, the Texas Rangers are prepared to offer him a “boatload” of money. That doesn’t really surprise me, as Texas would be a pretty obvious suitor for Sabathia. Remember, this isn’t going to be like the situation with Alex Rodriguez in 2007, when there were basically no suitors other than the Yankees (who were interested in the prices A-Rod was talking about, anyway). If Sabathia hits the market, he’ll be the best free agent available, and the best starting pitcher at a point when that particular commodity is getting harder and harder to acquire. There will be a lot of potential suitors for Sabathia.

-I have to say, I’m getting really tired of hearing all of this nonsense about the Rays stadium. Call me naive, but watching a very rich owner and a professional sports league again try to shakedown a local government to spend millions of tax dollars building a stadium to make them ever richer while schools, fire departments, basic pubic services, and public employees see across the board cuts. Particularly in an area hit as hard by the recession as the Tampa area. Major League Baseball is a multi-billion dollar industry; if the Rays’ stadium issue is really that much of a problem, just finance a new one yourselves already. Otherwise, I’m tired of Sternberg’s complaining about it. Go count your money or something.

-Next week, John Harper tells you all about the Yankees’ super-secret plan to petition Bud Selig to let them play with nine designated hitters. IT COULD HAPPEN!

-The Yankees might sign C.J. Wilson, who’s having a rough postseason, and Kevin Kernan is ON IT! No link, I like you all far too much to subject you to that.

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5 thoughts on “Afternoon links

  1. Having a rough day, but you still got the Mariano Season Profile up. I wish I had rough days like yours. Great work Brien!

    • If you take the headache in the package and toss in a six pack of Octoberfest for the weekend, my rough days are all yours!

  2. On the bright side of things, thanks to the headache it honesty hurts to think…which means I've never been more qualified for employment at the Daily News!

    • You need more than just a headache to write for the Daily News Brien. You need a complete loss of a grip on reality. That's more like a concussion.

  3. Maybe understudy Joel over at the Post? ;) Show up after ingesting that sixpack, you might get hired.