Is the World Series “sacred?”

On the other hand, I guess you can put the blame for this on Selig himself, who pushes this “don’t take away from the World Series” stuff, which seems to border between pointless and counter-productive to me. At the end of the day, are fans really supposed to care more about the World Series than their own teams? That seems pretty naive to me. I know I’m a lot more interested in Brian Cashman’s contract and Nick Swisher‘s option than I am in the Series (though to be fair I have a genera disdain for both teams, and knowing that you’re going to throw up in your mouth a little bit no matter who wins has a way of dampening your enthusiasm, even if the games are great), and I very much suspect your average Cubs fan is much more interested in who is going to be running the organization moving forward than they are in other things.

I just don’t get what the point is supposed to be. The underlying logic seems to be that fans don’t really like the game, and that having too many other things going on will hurt interest in the Series, even though it’s the only action going on at the time and, once it’s over, there won’t be baseball again for 4-5 months. That strikes me as a very odd view to have of your fanbase. The simple fact of the matter is that someone who wants to watch the games isn’t going to decide not to because the Cubs announced a new general manager that afternoon or somebody fired their manager the day before, because those aren’t substitutes for actual baseball games. Similarly, someone who isn’t interested in the Series can’t be coerced into caring simply because there’s nothing else going on. That I know there won’t be any news about the Yankees until after the World Series is over doesn’t make me want to watch it more intently, it just makes me want it to be over sooner so we can get on with the things I care about right now.

So here’s my suggestion Bud: Grow up, and let business continue as usual. You’ve re-structured the business of baseball into being one that puts a premium of local and regional factors and makes it easier than ever to follow your favorite team, don’t mess with a good thing just because it’s time to decide a championship I don’t care about. It won’t hurt television ratings any, and it will only provide more ways for your fans to enjoy all aspects of the game.

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One thought on “Is the World Series “sacred?”

  1. I actually quite like the idea that everyone pays due attention to the finale of six/ seven months' endeavour on the part of everyone involved in professional baseball – it is kind of the whole point of the season, isn't it, unless you want to be completely parochial, which I suggest is not a particularly attractive perspective. Not saying the Cubs or anyone should stop working, like you say, but I do quite like the idea of a moratorium on commenting on non-Series-related matters for ten days while the series is on. Call it a media sabbatical. It's a long off-season and I don't suppose at the end of it we'll wish we had had more fascinating will they/ won't they stories about Swisher's contract, the Cubs' front office appointments, CJ Wilson's free agency or any of the other 101 things likely to play out in the next few weeks.