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2 thoughts on “Boras says his Cano statements were “in jest”

  1. So Boras is going into comedy – I wondered. His announcement on Soriano yesterday made me suspicious – "He adjusted to the [seventh- eighth-inning] role, liked being there with Mariano [Rivera] and he adjusted to New York City,"

    This just confirms that Scotty is smoking the happy juice pipe and is going to become MLB's dedicated court jester.

  2. We all know what this about with Boras. He'd be happier than a pig in poop if the Yankees were stupid enough to re-negotiate Cano's contract. Why? Simple, because Cano's current contract was negotiated by his previous agent, who gets the commission on it, not Boras. So, Boras won't earn a dime off Cano until this contract runs out.