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12 thoughts on “Yankees considering signing Beltran?

  1. I will be extremely disappointed if Swisher isn't in right field next season. Beltran would be more expensive, and he is definitely a much larger risk for injury. In terms of value he would have to put up a monster season to match Swisher's return. No reason for the team to get older, just kick the tires on this one and move along..

  2. If the Yankees aren't "considering" each and every player that is a free agent, they are not doing their due diligence, in fact the same could be said for all teams. Saying that a team is considering a player is just noise to fill column inches.

  3. Let me see if I have this straight. You think that not only is some other club going to take Swisher and his $10.25M contract off your hands…. They are also going to send you back a decent starting pitcher in the deal? For ONE year of Swisher?? At $10M+??? Umm, ok. Sure they are.

  4. Guys, I know this is not the appropriate place but i gotta say this. Last nights game 6 was epic. I enjoyed it but it was more hurtful than enjoyable. I just wish that it was the Yankees who were playing not the rangers. I wanted the rangers to win so bad; not because i like the rangers. Its because i wanted the off season to start officially so i can start looking forward to start of another chase for title number 28.

    On a side note, i really wish Alex comes back healthier and leaner to have a great 2012 season to justify his paycheck or atleast to some extent. I just wish his years of being the best player in the game without a doubt (1997-2007) were with the yankees. Anyway, back to studying for USMLE.

  5. Ok, I understand doing your due diligence, but if the Yanks are actually considering Beltran all I have to say is "No, no, a thousand times no."

  6. I would not touch Beltran because he's a "me first" player in my opinion. He's also a brittle player who will spend considerable time on the DL wherever he goes. He is still a very talented player but the Yankees need to get younger not older. The Cardinals are proof that if a team has good chemistry and plenty of guts, they don't need 8 or 10 superstars to compete for a championship.

  7. swisher will rebound ,if beltran is in right field instead of swisher they would eat him alive .. bleacher creatures!!!

  8. His first year with the Yankees Swish was a breath of fresh air. He brought a laid back, try hard, and have fun atmosphere to the Yankees, and it was one of the reasons they won the 2009 World Series. His attitude was infectious. The last two years he has been pressing too hard in the playoffs and it has also been infectious. He was by far my favorite Yankee in 2009, and during the regular season he is stil my favorite, but he's been painful to watch in the playoffs (as well as Tex, but that's a big contract to eat). So I'm sorry to say they should sign Cuddyer first, if they can't then renew Swish, but bring up a AAA guy before signing Beltran….he's done being useful for a full year.

  9. I understand this due dilligence thing, but the Yankees would have to be nuts to sign Beltran, especially for the length of contract Boras would want. Why would they, or anyone else for that matter, want a 35 year old outfielder with bad knees? They already have enough players in their late 30's (Jeter, A-Rod). Heck, I'd resign Andruw Jones before Beltran. At least we know what he can do, and he'd be a lot cheaper.