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9 thoughts on “Yankees exercise options on Cano, Swisher

    • i really hope that we keep swish. besides his baseball ability he has an immeasurable affect on the clubhouse atmosphere.

    • 100% agree. And I don't mean this in a reverse hex way b/c I'm a Red Sox fan. Just think he's a great fit for the Yankees.

  1. I like Swish a lot, he's great in the clubhouse, but I want them to trade him. You can get good value for him, and you can sign Beltran w/o giving up draft picks for probably a 2-3 year deal. I know`I'm going to get slammed for saying this, but Swisher has not been good in the post season at all. 147 PA's, and a .617 OPS (.169 BA), I know everyone is going to point out that it's only 147 PA's, but I'd rather he accumulates a larger sample size on some other team. The post season is by definition a small sample size, and it's not worth making excuses when he's had 2 good series in 9. Beltran is a better player when healthy, and in 101 post season PA's he has a 1.302 (!) OPS. Time for a change.

    • Beltran's also more expensive and less durable. I'd hate to pay ~$15 million just to get Andruw Jones and Chris Dickerson platooning in RF.

      That said, if the Yankees can swap Swisher for a pitcher, I probably wouldn't complain too much.

      • Exactly – we signed Francouer because he was a "durable workhorse" – and how many games did he appear in? Yet every statement about Beltran, even from his proponents (Dan ;D) include the phrase "when healthy" – or something of similar meaning. Didn't we give away a player or two to sign another "awesome" Right Fielder? Nady, anybody? We had Swish, but Nady was just too good to be true. Turns out that was correct.

  2. I'm not positive, but I think Cano's $14m is the highest AAV ever paid a 2nd baseman.

  3. Why not trade him away and make montero shag fly balls all off season and make him the new starting right fielder on opening day. I don't see any down side. Montero's only weakness is his defense at catcher and his athleticism and strong arm would make him a great right fielder. Plus it gets him in the line up every day without using up the dh position.

  4. i would like to know your opinion:
    if Aaron Hill – $8MM club option for 2012 and $8MM club option for '13. This will be declined by diamond backs.

    which you prefer Erick Chavez, Eduardo Nuñez and Ramiro Peña or Aaron Hill
    defense, ofense, posibilitie$$$, and fit in the club.