15 thoughts on “CC Opts In

  1. Yay now get Roy Oswalt please! And maybe Wilson …still not sure if I want him…or trade for another pitcher…now we can focus on free agency.

      • I hope so Larry. We need pitching very badly…our staff is currently cc,nova,Burnett, and maybe Hughes…meaning we need two pitchers at most. I think now that cc is back..we can focus on that hopefully.

  2. So… wait. This sounds like a GREAT deal? The Yankee front office appears to have done a great thing and learned their lesson? It's Halloween — are we sure it's not a trick?

    "It's a trick; get an axe."

    • Give credit to CC. He put his loyalty to team and community above trying to squeeze the market out of its last dollar. As a result the team gets a great deal, we avoid all that public gossipy nonsense that attended last year's Jeter deal, the team knows where it stands, and CC emerges as the guy I think he is: a class act.

      CC gets another guaranteed $30 million and becomes the highest paid pitcher in baseball, so we don't have to throw him a benefit. But he may well have left $$ on the table.

  3. Only one more year. Great for CC and Cashman. Sabathia proves that he loves New York and isn't all about the money (though this part is more own opinion because I thought that he'd get more money on the market), while getting more money without opting out, and Cashman retains his well-liked ace without having to pay for too many years.

  4. Crazy deal for both sides. Since there's only technically $122 million guaranteed in the deal (a $25 million salary for 2016 and the $5 million buy out of the 2017 option on top of the $92 million he'll make over the next 4 years) I think it's safe to say C.C. left money on the table, since he almost certainly would have gotten six guaranteed years as a free agent. Though given how limited the terms of the vesting option are, for all intents and purposes this is probably a 6 year, $142 million contract. A lot of money, to be sure, but not unreasonable by any means. And signed without Sabathia hitting the open market.

    I am surprised, to say the least.

  5. and there was much rejoicing…

    Seriously, this made my day (and it has been a tough day)! CC continues to be the classy guy he's been and the Yankees got a great deal. I am one happy fan!

  6. What a coup for the Yankees. I'm really surprised he signed so quickly, but great deal for both sides.

  7. Wow. If it had been two guaranteed years with a vesting option, I would've considered it a coup.

  8. CC must HATE every single Yankee blogger and MSM beat writer. In one fell swoop, he trashed hundreds of blog posts about the evils of him opting out. (even if the bozo at The Yankee Analysts insisted on posting it ANYWAY!)

    Worst part – with this a done deal – NOW what are they going to write about? How will Joel justify his paycheck, and even his existence? Not to mention the crazier members of that fraternity.

    Coolest thing I've seen happen in YEARS. I'm sorry if I'm leaning towards hyperbole, but I'd put this as one of the best things to happen to the Yankees since winning the World Series.

    Really – we have a guy who has put his money where his mouth is and stayed where he wanted to stay – being well-paid, for sure – but also leaving enough dollars on the table for any of us to live out our entire lives. WTG, CC. No idea how many fans you've made happy. Good karma to ya, Big Guy.

  9. This is the best deal I've heard about for the Yankees in years. Really, really happy about this. Great deal for both sides. Avoids any perceived bad blood and like Jay said really sticks it to the evil bloggers (IIATMS crew excluded of course). And who doesn't want to stick it to the Joel's and Wallace's of the world?