CC’s coming back!

The man himself broke the news, tweeting “Yankee fans, I’ll be here fighting for number 28 next year!”  Sabathia has signed an extension rather than opting out of his contract.  Buster Olney has the contract details, which would reportedly be a 5- year deal worth $122 million, with an option for a 6th year ($25 million, with a $5 million buyout).  Overall, this seems like a pretty nice deal for the Yankees, as I was worried that they would cave and give him the 6th year guaranteed.

Update: Per Joel Sherman the option automatically vests unless CC is “disabled by a left shoulder injury”, so it’s basically a 6-year deal unless CC hurts his shoulder.  This offers the Yankees a little protection if Sabathia does in fact get injured, though only from one type of injury.  I’m sure we’ll learn more about specific language and terms later, but it’s good to get the big man back in pinstripes without having him hit the market.

It’s pretty clear from this signing that CC was in fact being honest when he said that he wanted to stay in New York, otherwise he would have tested the market and possibly earned a longer or more lucrative contract.  I have to give the guy some props, he has been an absolute class act about the whole affair, even as the media has been trying to get him to say the wrong thing.

7:48 EDIT by Matt Imbrogno. Here’s Sherman on the details of the option:

201[7] Option vests automatically unless CC is disabled by left shoulder injury #Yankees

Option killed if: end 2016 season on DL, spend more than 45 days on the DL in ’16 with left shoulder injury (cont)

or makie at least 6 relief apps in ’16 due to shoulder issues

Thank you, Great Pumpkin. Thank you. Discuss.

22 thoughts on “CC’s coming back!

  1. I read on ESPN that there is also a 7th year vesting option for 25 million… Is this the case or no?

    • I see what happened. On the scroll at the bottom of ESPN I read “6th year vesting option… 2017” and somehow saw 7th year as well. It’s just the 6th year. My bad.

        • On a quick glance it certainly looked like “7th” and not “2017”, but I after seeing it again I realized my mistake.

          Sounds like a decent deal though. I would rather have the option vest on innings, but this way it protects the team to some degree while giving CC the best chance for the 6th year to vest.

          Either way I’m glad to have the big man back!

    • Now that we got CC wrapped up on essentially a 6 year 142 million dollar deal, what are the moves from here?

      Do we go for Wilson at 5 years 85? Try and bid for Darvish for maybe 100 million total? Or is a cheaper option the move now?

      • I’d still rathe go for Darvish than Wilson. I don’t like Wilson for more than 3-4 years, and he’ll obviously get more than that somewhere else. I say go full court press for Darvish and if that doesn’t work, try for the cheaper options.

        • I can’t speak to Darvish that well. I’ve never had the privilege to see him pitch in Japan, so if the Yankees scouts say he’s worth it I’ll trust that. He has a lot of innings, and a lot pitches per inning that worry me. Though the Yankees know that as well.

          I just don’t get the resistance to Wilson. He fits our need perfectly. He’s the perfect number 2 pitcher, he’s pitched on a playoff team that plays home games in a band box, he’s made our offense look silly on several occasions in New York, and he’s a lefty. I wouldn’t go 6 or 7 years, but a 5 year deal for 85-90 million is more than legit to me.

          I have stated several times that I don’t expect next years free agent class to be that great once we get there. So I feel many are simply taking a wait until 2013 approach, that will likely back fire. There is a real chance guys like Jonathan Sanchez and Shawn Marcum are the best pitchers available when the time comes, and I’d rather have Wilson over either one of them.

          • Valid points. I’m very intrigued by Darvish and he may very well have a higher ceiling, but Wilson has been damn good over the past few seasons (playoff performance aside).

            I think Wilson’s recent playoff struggles probably have lowered the perception of his value, but he has been an excellent pitcher in a hitter-friendly park. He has some risk because he has only been starting for a few seasons and is already 31.

            It all depends on the contract. There isn’t another viable front-line alternative on the market except for Darvish (who may cost about as much if not more, with a ton of risk), and the vaunted 2013 free agent class could thin out due to trades/extensions.

          • In a way Wilson’s playoff performances may work to our advantage. I don’t know to what extent GMs are basing contracts off of playoff games, but it seems Lee’s value around the league was certainly higher because of his percieved dominance in the postseason. Maybe with Wilson’s struggles it takes the 6th year off the table from some teams.

            I’ve also heard that Wilson likes New York, so this may be his agents way of positioning themselves for a deal from the Yankees.

            Like I said I wouldn’t go to 6-7 years, but at 31 with less innings than you would expect from a normal 31 year old starter 5 years seems reasonable. You may regret the final year of the deal, but I wouldn’t expect a huge decline from 31-34.

          • I think Texas is certainly going to offer a 5 year deal, so with that in mind I’d go as high as 85-90 million. It’s a pretty high per season total, I’d rather it be 75 million, but what’s 10 to 15 million between friends haha.

            Wilson is certainly not a 20 million per year player, so I can understand someone balking at 18 per. But if it holds the contract to 5 years it seems worth it for a team with money like the Yankees.

    • I just don’t see the Yankees going after CJ Wilson and investing an additional $18M per season (approximately) over 5 years. I also don’t think the Yankees need 2 left handed pitchers at the top of their rotation. That’s just my opinion. I can see the Yankees looking long and hard at Darvish, based on all the scouting reports. And if the price is right them making a “serious” offer. Especially because the posting fee does NOT count against the luxury tax and also because of Darvish’s age. If they make an offer I think it comes in at $80 to $90M total (posting fee and 5 or 6 year contract). If Darvish doesn’t work for them I see them going after after a lefty for a much shorter term contract maybe 2 years be it Buehrle or maybe even Maholm. This allows the Yankees, 1st to still see what Banuelos might do in a year or so in the rotation. Which signing someone like Wilson to 5 or more years would pretty much preclude Banuelos from the Yankees rotation. Again, in my opinion. And, if they were to sign one of those players or a similar player it would still give the Yankees the opportunity to see what the 2013 FA class looks like. Which I think will still have some outstanding arms available come next fall and winter.
      Having said all that the Yankees could very very just decide to head into the 2012 season taking a long hard look at Noesi, who knows. We should know something within the next month or so. It should be fun.

      • Having two lefties at the top of the rotation is always a good thing for the Yankees. You want neutralize the short porch, and the Red Sox lineup is really lefty heavy.

        How would signing Wilson preclude Banuelos from anything? He won’t be a starter in 2012 anyway, and going into 2013 you could have a rotation of CC, CJ, Nova, Burnett, and Banuelos. 2013 is also Burnett’s last year so if he’s awful and you want Hughes in that spot you can buy him out, or eat all the money and trade him.

        Like I have said over and over I wouldn’t sign Buehrle to anything but a 1 year deal, and I’ve read he’ll get two from the White Sox. Maholm would be destroyed in the AL East, I wouldn’t even sign him to a 1 year deal.

        I once again will mention how much I hate this “2013” will save all mentality. All the big name guys will be re-signed by their current teams, or traded and re-signed. I think the main guys on the list will be Marcum, Sanchez, Etc… and both will be in their 30’s. Not making a move because you want one of the “2013 guys” is silly IMO.

  2. Yanks got more than a great pitcher, they got a man with great character. He knew that if he opted out he would have some “splaining” to do to his many young nyc fans.

    • Let’s also not under estimate the chase for 300 in this decision. He knows he has a good chance to possibly be (one of) the last 300 game winners ever, and the Yankees give him the best chance to do that.

      • I think 300 wins was at least in the back of his mind. I think though to have a legit chance of reaching 300 wins he needs to not only get the vested year but 1 additional year. In another words he needs to pitch through the year 2018.

  3. i would offer wilson 5 years 16mil..if they really want him maybe a mil more..AJ comes off in two wilson gets AJ money for three years after AJ goes back to the NL after 2013 we need a second lefty starter. mo retires, thats 15mil more after this year.. they will sign wilson

    • So we’re in the same ball park, 5 years and 80-85 million. It certainly makes sense, since I think he’s much more of a sure bet than AJ was at the time we signed him. Burnett being an aging power right handed pitcher, versus Wilson being a location lefty. I could see CJ aging in a way similar to Pettitte, which would make him solid through out the length of the contract.

      • AJ was a sox and yank killer as a jay, i loved the move then..we all know how he has been for three torturous years,,maybe he can come back to form this year..wouldn’t it be great for him to win 18 games this year..he owes us CC, AJ, CJ, NOVA, resign garcia, hughes to the pen, wait for one of the kids to be ready by june if we need to fill a spot, we have a hugh amount of talent we can be patient with then

        • AJ may have been good against the Sox and us, but he is far from a hindsight second guess. In 3 years with the Jays he had 1 healthy season, and in his entire career before signing with the Yankees he had 3 good seasons period (2002, 2005, 2008).

          In 2008 when AJ had his great season with the Blue Jays his fastball averaged 94.4 MPH. In 2009 when he had a decent season with us and helped up win the WS his fastball averaged 94.2 MPH. This was the key to his success. Since that point his velocity has fallen to an average of 93.1 last year, and 92.7 this past season. He will never be the pitcher he was with the Marlins or Jays again. He simply doesn’t have the one thing that made him have great potential, his velocity. He was a power righty who had a great walk year, and slowly started losing velocity ever since then.

          I don’t see much of anyway he can win 18 games, and to expect it would be setting yourself up for disappointment. In the last 12 years he has only had 6 winning seasons, if he pulls out a 12-13 win, above .500 season it will be a success as far as I’m concerned.

          If we did sign Wilson I wouldn’t bring back Garcia. I’d just let Hughes be the 5th starter, and if he stumbled so badly he had to be sent to the pen just use a Noesi/Phelps/Warren type to fill in if it got to that point.

          I personally don’t even want to see Banuelos or Betances in the majors until September, or extremely close to it. Neither one is close to ready, and both have major control problems they need to continue to work out. Both need as close to a full season in triple A as possible.

  4. CC probably turned down potential money to remain with the Yankees. He could even have turned down potential money from the Yankees by agreeing to a deal early. It makes the off season so much easier, now that the Yankees know they’ll have him and its not late December.