Story of a Season: Curtis Granderson

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Curtis Granderson may have slumped in September (.304 wOBA/85 wRC+), but every other month aside from that was nothing short of fantastic. Taking out the final month of the season, Granderson’s worst month in terms of wOBA/wRC+ was June when he hit “only” .363/125. If he did that for...

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Guest Post: An Informed Take On Yu Darvish

This is a guest post from David P. over at Yankees Source, who can be reached at @yankeesource on Twitter. He is a scout for an international scouting agency that works with a few MLB clubs, including the Yankees. He spends a few months out of the year in Japan and has been following...

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2011 season profile: Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia

The Yankees clearly didn’t, as both Colon and Garcia were given limited roles with the staff early in the season. Colon didn’t even make the rotation out of camp, being relegated to long relief instead. Though as luck would have it this worked out pretty well, as Colon came to serve as a sort of caddy for Phil Hughes during his April struggles, and thus was able to step into the rotation seamlessly when Hughes was sidelined by injuries. Garcia was tabbed as the 5th starter, but the Yankees used every opportunity to push him back over the season’s first weeks, and Garcia didn’t make his first start until April 16th, the 15th game of the season.

At that point, the idea that either Colon or Garcia would still be in the Yankees rotation at seasons end seemed a bit far-fetched, to say nothing of the idea that both of them would. And yet, there they were, with Colon starting in the final series of the year and Garcia getting a start in the ALDS.…

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Consider Mark Buehrle

Regardless of how the C.C. Sabathia negotiations go, the Yankees will probably need to add another starting pitcher via free agency. Ivan Nova and A.J. Burnett are solid, but the Yankees have a lot of question marks beyond them. I wouldn’t be too comfortable with more than one farm system audition spot going into the...

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2011 season profile: Nick Swisher

Thankfully Swisher would regress to the mean, and with a vengeance. The turnaround really started in the last week of May, on the Yankees’ first trip to the West Coast of the season, but in June Swisher would hit a whopping .326/.445/.651, which translated to a wRC+ of 192. Swisher would continue to hit well in July and August (wRC+ of 144 and 152, respectively), before fading again in September, when he hit .205/.295/.359, his worst month of the entire season by wRC+. In other words, it was a very strange roller coaster ride for Swisher, but somehow it wound up being a pretty good year on the whole. Swisher hit .260/.374/.449 for the season, and actually led the Yankees in OBP.

Of course, all of that is overshadowed now in the minds of many fans by yet another poor postseason performance by Swisher, and some of them are actually suggesting the Yankees shouldn’t pick up Swisher’s team option for 2011.…

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For you crazies who think the Yankees should decline Nick Swisher's absurdly reasonably priced option based on the results of an inherently random small sample size

(AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

Now you’ve done it. You’ve really done it. Just when I thought Yankee fans couldn’t get any battier, they want to run Nick Swisher — one of the most productive right-fielders in the league, not...

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Michael Young is not Derek Jeter

But that’s how the Michael Young narrative has evolved, has it not?   Like Jeter, he puts people in the strange situation of having to say a great player is overrated because it’s not enough for most people to assess him for what he actually is. Instead he is cast as Lord of the Intangibles and, like Jeter, that story of his intangibles won’t accept the unpleasant truth that, at times, he has behaved in ways we don’t normally associate with leadership.  Not that he’s a bad seed or a bad player or anything close to that. He isn’t. It’s just that he’s not as perfect as his local press makes him out to be because, hell, no one is that perfect.

To me, the first paragraph is really the nub of what’s irritating about the hagiographies that are written about Young, and there’s really nothing about Jeter that’s comparable. Sure, you might think he should have been moved down in the batting order sometime in the last two seasons, or maybe you still think he should have changed positions when the Yankees traded for Alex Rodrgiuez back in 2004 (though, in fairness, that non-move is working out pretty well these days), but here’s the thing: no one ever asked Jeter to do that.

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What about Roy Oswalt?

When we’re discussing Yankee free agent starting pitcher targets, we’re prone to talking about three names: CC Sabathia, Yu Darvish, and C.J. Wilson. One that hasn’t come up much is Roy Oswalt.

There are two reasons for this: Roy Oswalt is old and...

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