Story of a Season: Brett Gardner

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Brett Gardner had an up and down season. He started it off as the Yankees’ leadoff hitter, but lost the job after a tough first month of the year (.286 wOBA/73 wRC+). The next three months were much better, as Gardner produced splits of .337/108; .386/141; and .358/122. He...

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Sherman-Long cold winter in the Bronx

Sorry to bum you guys out, but Joel Sherman thinks we should lower our sights as Yankee fans for this off season because he doesn’t think there will be much activity. He spoke to a highly placed Yankee official about their plans for this winter, and came away with the idea that they will bring...

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But Joe Buck? Buck is terrible. Not just because he’s a terrible broadcaster, which he is, but even more so because he couldn’t make it any more obvious that he hates calling baseball games. Seriously, you can almost hear him wishing he were watching a football game between innings. And that’s okay, even broadcasters are allowed to have their preferences, but why do Fox and Buck continue to subject us to the resulting product? Fox has other broadcasters who could take his place, and it’s not like Buck needs the money. Just give it up already.

If I may offer a suggestion, Fox should just replace Buck with Vasgersian permanently. Vasgersian isn’t Vin Scully by any means, but he’s a far sight better than Buck, and his various other broadcasting work certainly establishes that he at least really enjoys baseball, and that fact alone makes him a much better broadcaster. Buck has to be a professional about the work, so to speak, and that can lead to some clunky calls, most notably when Buck can’t affect the proper tone or inflection for the moment.…

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CC’s credibility issue

If you're so happy, then why opt out?

CC Sabathia is widely expected to exercise his opt-out clause in the coming weeks. In discussing it after the ALDS loss, he said baseball is a business, which is something I think...
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Draftee ages: continued

In my post yesterday, I described a very interesting study by Rany Jazayerli of Baseball Prospectus, which found that the youngest high school hitters in a draft class were more valuable relative to where they were drafted than the oldest high school hitters in the class.  The implication of these results was that teams...

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