Exciting changes abound

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that Matt Imbrogno has been promoted to Editor in Chief of The Yankee Analysts, effective immediately. Matt is one of the best and most passionate writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I’m extremely excited that TYA will be stewarded by one of the most important voices writing about the Yankees today. As some of you may have heard by now, Moshe Mandel and I are leaving TYA and joining Mike, Joe, Ben and the gang to write full-time at River Ave. Blues. We will be making our RAB debuts this week. Continue reading Exciting changes abound

Could the Yanks be just as good without CC?

With the final out of the 2011 World Series now recorded, baseball’s hot stove season is underway. The first order of business for the Yanks is to address CC’s contract situation. The deadline for exercising an opt out is fast approaching and it is widely expected that Sabathia will use it unless he and the Yanks work out a deal. First, the good news. The Yanks and CC’s agent are talking, and while the Yanks are sending out signals they’re not overly optimistic about striking a deal the two sides are at least engaged. The scariest scenario of CC being Continue reading Could the Yanks be just as good without CC?

Yankees exercise options on Cano, Swisher

Nothing we didn’t expect, but the Yankees have officially exercised their cub options on both Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher. Cano will make $14 million next year and has one more option for 2013, barring some sort of new agreement being reached between the two sides. Swisher’s option is for $10.25 million and, though some people have suggested not picking it up, was every bit the no-brainer Cano’s option was. $10.25 million is a bargain for a player that’s hit as well as Swish has over the previous three seasons, and it would have been downright crazy to run him out of town for a couple of draft picks. The Yankees may still shop their starting right fielder around the trade market as they search for some pitching help, but there was never a chance they weren’t going to pick up the option. Continue reading Yankees exercise options on Cano, Swisher

The overuse of MRI’s for sports injuries: why it matters

Gina Kolata had a very interesting article in the New York Times today about the evolving perception of the usefulness of the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) exam as a tool for diagnosing sports injuries.  For somebody who is interested in both sports and health care as I am, the article provided some interesting thoughts that challenge the conventional wisdom about injury diagnosis, particularly for pitchers. Kolata spoke with Dr. James Andrews, perhaps the most famous and successful orthopedic surgeon in the country, and an expert in pitcher injuries and biomechanics.  It is common practice to use an MRI when a Continue reading The overuse of MRI’s for sports injuries: why it matters

Casual observation/offseason notes

With their victory last night, the St. Louis Cardinals claimed their 11th World Series championship. Those 11 titles make St. Louis the second most decorated franchise in Major League Baseball. On the other hand, they could win the next 15 World Series in a row…and they’d still be second best, one title shy of the Yankees. That’s….I don’t even know. I was going to say “crazy,” but that really doesn’t do it justice. Let’s just say the Yankees win. Relentlessly.

On a less happy note (and I don’t know about you, but there’s something poetic about the fact that we’re going to get our first snowfall the day after the baseball season goes away), here are some notes to pass along about the next week or so of the offseason.

  • The start of the offseason clock is going to be pushed back to 12:00 A.M. Monday. This is basically just so the offseason kicks off during the week, as opposed to over the weekend.
  • Along those lines, C.C. Sabathia has until 12:00 A.M. Thursday to opt out of his contract, though reports are that the Yankees are working hard to get an extension for C.C. in place before that. Free agency will open at 12:01 A.M. Sunday. At that point, free agents will officially be allowed to negotiate with new teams.
  • Nick Swisher has a limited no-trade clause in his contract, and the Yankees are waiting for him to submit his list of teams he can block a move to. After they get said list, they’ll pick up his $10.25 million option.

Continue reading Casual observation/offseason notes

Key front office members to stay with Yankees

With the recent news that the Angels have chosen Jerry Dipoto to be their next GM comes good news for the Yankees: Two important members of the front office will be back in the Bronx next season.  No, I’m not talking about Brian Cashman, whose contract is set to expire (and will presumably sign a new deal shortly).  I’m talking instead about Damon Oppenheimer and Billy Eppler, the Yankees’ directors of amateur and pro scouting respectively. The Angels interviewed both Oppenheimer and Eppler as candidates to fill their vacant GM spot, and they were impressed enough with Eppler to call Continue reading Key front office members to stay with Yankees

Yankees, Cashman, agree on contract extension

Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees and Brian Cashman have officially come to an agreement on a contract extension for the general manager. They’re waiting until the conclusion of the World Series to officially announce the deal, but everyone has been expecting this anyway, so it’s hardly Earth shattering news. Joel Sherman reports that the extension is for three years, which is basically the standard term in the Bronx, it seems. Continue reading Yankees, Cashman, agree on contract extension

Yankees extend contract with WCBS

Via Chad Jennings, the Yankees have announced an agreement with WCBS to continue broadcasting games in 2012, with the two sides continuing to work towards a long term agreement. Both John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman are expected to return as broadcasters.

Personally, I’m glad the Yankees are staying put. I have to make the occasional weekend road trip up to Delaware, and can pull in WCBS for the entire trip. On the other hand, I’m pretty disappointed they won’t be making any changes to the booth. I’m fairly ambivalent about Sterling (though it seems they really ought to be able to get a much better broadcaster for the flippin Yankees!), but Suzyn Waldman couldn’t be much worse at the job, in my opinion. God love the woman for what she’s accomplished in her career, but she’s just not cut out for that job. Continue reading Yankees extend contract with WCBS

A Memorable Night to Forget: Historic Game Six Was a Different Tale for Two Cities

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog). Last night’s epic game six was so compelling, that tonight’s game seven almost seems anti-climatic. As is sometimes the case when the World Series goes the distance, it is the sixth game that proves to be the most memorable (see 1975, 1985, 1986, and 2002 for a handful of examples). So, before settling in to see if baseball can serve up a suitable encore for its season finale, it seems appropriate that we take one last look back at what was truly one of the most remarkable games in World Series history. Continue reading A Memorable Night to Forget: Historic Game Six Was a Different Tale for Two Cities