Is Robinson Cano … overrated?

One thing is for sure, no one looks cooler finishing off a pitch.

Stephen Rhoads at RAB scooped me Thursday. My intention had been to write a post investigating how much money Robinson Cano might be in a position...

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Requiem For An Unlikely Season

Later this evening, the 2011 season will end. It is a season in which the Yankees were sent home early, where the preseason favorite Red Sox and Phillies won a combined 2 playoff games, and where you could make a strong argument that no matter who wins tonight, the best team did not win it...

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Why I Do This

This is probably not the first time I’ve written something like this, though admittedly I haven’t looked back. I’m certainly not the first or only one to write a piece of this nature, but it came to me tonight.

There are two things that people will inevitably ask me when I tell them that I...

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Mailbag: What about Josh Willingham?

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

UYF1950 writes: About a week back you wrote a piece on Nick Swisher. I was wondering your thoughts about Josh Willingham as a possible...

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Wait to Extend Cano

Scott Boras wants the Yankees to extend Robinson Cano before he hits free agency. The Yankees hold two easy-to-exercise options on Robinson Cano for the next two seasons for $14 and $15 million. The status quo has him reaching free agency at the age of 31. He’s proven to be one of the...

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Bringing back Bartolo?

*Not actually Bartolo Colon

When the Yankees signed Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal this offseason after not pitching in the majors, nobody really paid much attention (except for those who used it as an opportunity to ridicule the Yankees’ apparent...

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