Could Other Pitchers’ 2011 Seasons Affect Hector Noesi’s 2012?

Hector Noesi: Professional Pitcher. Courtesy of The Daily News

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While the MSM, the blogosphere, and Yankee fans in general all gear up for the the hype surrounding the CC Sabathia opt out storyline and the “Yu Darvish vs. C.J. Wilson” debate this offseason, there is another potential in-house 2012 rotation candidate who could factor into the discussion as well.  That candidate would be Hector Noesi, the 2011 winner of the annual Yankees’ “Top Young Pitching Prospect That We Called Up to Use in The Bullpen Because We Needed a Warm Body” Award.  Larry K did an excellent job yesterday of painting an all-encompassing portrait of Noesi’s skill set and 2011 performance, and essentially laid the groundwork for the “Noesi 2012 Rotation” discussion.  But beyond his own makeup and 2011 results, there are other outside factors that could play a role in determining the plan for Noesi in 2012. … Click here to read the rest

Yankees “close” to an offer for Sabathia

Last night, we heard that the Yankees were close to making an offer that they’ll present to CC Sabathia. As they said in Seinfeld, and as I’ve said here many times before, let’s start the insanity.

I think that no matter what, we’re going to see Sabathia opt out of his contract. The Times piece has no details on what that contract would look like, but I imagine that it will include at least one extra year and a million extra bucks to make the contract a five year deal with an AAV of $24M. If that’s the case, what does it do to the payroll? Let’s use Eric’s piece from Tuesday as a guide.

Believe it or not, I actually wrote a similar piece to post yesterday morning, but Eric scooped me a bit. So, I’ll borrow from that piece for the following information. If we include the options on Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano, and Rafael Soriano as well as the buyout for Damaso Marte and the projected arbitration raises, the Yankees would have a payroll of $156.9250.… Click here to read the rest

A Very Good Day In Recent Yankees History

Yesterday, I highlighted the anniversary of the Yankees loss to the Marlins in the 2003 World Series, focusing particularly on Joe Torre’s gaffe in Game 4. I decided to balance the ledger by focusing on some more positive memories today, and was pleased to notice that October 26th is one of the better days in recent Yankees history. Let’s take a look at 2 fantastic games that occurred on this date:

Game 6, 1996 World Series

The Yankees clinched their first World Series since 1978 on October 26th, 1996, with a 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves. After losing the first two games in lopsided fashion, the Yankees took 3 straight contests in Atlanta, including a thrilling comeback from 6 runs down in Game 4 and a 1-0 victory behind Andy Pettitte in Game 5. That brought the Yankees back to New York with two chances to sew the World Series up, with Jimmy Key facing Greg Maddux in Game 6.… Click here to read the rest

Setting the record straight on Wilson

While garnering losses in the All-Star game, ALDS, ALCS, and World Series in the same season is certainly a dubious distinction, Vaccaro seems to miss two obvious points. The first point being that a pitcher’s W-L record is ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I could delve a little deeper into those reasons, but we’ve covered that ad nauseum in this space countless times already. In the interest of keeping this article from digressing too far off course, I’ll leave it at that.

The second, and perhaps most important, issue is that in order to meet this achievement, you have to be a pretty good pitcher. While the fans, managers, and players do an imperfect job when it comes to selecting All-Stars; they tend to mostly select deserving players. Wilson, regardless of how you judge All-Stars, was clearly worthy of his selection having posted a 9-3 record with a 3.20 ERA (if you’re a traditionalist), a 3.43 FIP, and a 117/42 K/BB ratio (if you’re a stats guy) at the break this past July.… Click here to read the rest

The 2012 ZiPS Projections: Yankee Offense and Pitching

(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

It’s been an annual tradition of mine to review the numbers from each major projection system every winter, and this year Yankee fans have been granted a very early Christmas present in the form of Dan Szymborksi already releasing his 2012 ZiPS projections for the Yankees despite the fact that the World Series has yet to conclude.

SG at RLYW took a brief look at the projections on Monday, while Mike Axisa wrote about Jesus Montero‘s 2012 ZiPS projection, so be sure to have a look at thise posts as well. In the immortal words of SG, it’s critical to remember that “Projections are inherently limited, so remember to take these for what they are.  They are rough estimates of a player’s current talent level.  They are not predictions for what a player is going to do in 2012, and they are not playing time predictions either.”

Basically, just remember to take preseason projections with a grain of salt.… Click here to read the rest

Pedro Martinez for Mariano Rivera; imagine that

One of my favorite baseball bloggers, Jonah Keri, is in the process of writing (what I assume to be) another fantastic book which is scheduled for release in 2014. He’ll be focusing in on the history of the Montreal Expos — a team I often find myself rather awestruck by, given the plethora of talent they developed and traded away. Via Twitter, Keri released one particularly interesting tidbit discovered in his research for the book.

“How’s this grab you, Yankees fans? Before Expos dealt Pedro to Sox, Yanks made offer: Pedro for…Mariano Rivera. #ExposBook” (@jonahkeri)

Imagine if Expos GM, Jim Beattie, acquired Mariano instead of the agreed upon Red Sox package consisting of Carl Pavano and a player to be named later (Tony Armas). As blasphemous as it is to even contemplate Rivera wearing another uniform, would the move have made sense for the Yankees? Let’s consider.

The first point to remember is that this trade would have happened prior to the 1998 season. … Click here to read the rest