Free agent profile: Roy Oswalt

2011 was a disappointing season Oswalt, who entered the season as a major part of the Phillies much ballyhooed rotation only to be limited to 23 starts and 139.2 innings by injuries, but his performance was still pretty good. His strikeout rate plummeted to just over 6.0, but all of his other peripherals were strong, and Oswalt pitched to a 3.69 ERA and 3.44 FIP. Fangraphs has him valued at 2.5 WAR for the effort, while Baseball-Reference says he was worth 1.7 wins. That’s not too bad considering the limited work load. Additionally, Oswalt is still just one season removed from a very good 2010 season in which he pitched to an FIP of 3.27 and an ERA of 2.76 in 211.2 innings. Both versions of WAR have Oswalt right around 5 wins for that season, a nice performance by any measure.

The really nice thing about Oswalt is that he won’t cost a ton to sign, given that he is 34 years old, certainly not as much as C.J.

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Would You Sign…..

I am trying to get a sense of the level of interest that the fanbase has in the Yankees’ free agents, as well as the major targets available on the free agent market. Please vote in the polls below as if you were the GM, so signing Prince Fielder means you need to find somewhere...

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Is time running out for A-Rod to become the Home Run king?

The story has been re-told hundreds of times, but the Yankees have been in the off season for more than two weeks now. With post ideas running a little thin forgive me for recapping it here. In 2007 Alex Rodriguez had the best season...

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Is the World Series “sacred?”

On the other hand, I guess you can put the blame for this on Selig himself, who pushes this “don’t take away from the World Series” stuff, which seems to border between pointless and counter-productive to me. At the end of the day, are fans really supposed to care more about the World Series than their own teams? That seems pretty naive to me. I know I’m a lot more interested in Brian Cashman’s contract and Nick Swisher‘s option than I am in the Series (though to be fair I have a genera disdain for both teams, and knowing that you’re going to throw up in your mouth a little bit no matter who wins has a way of dampening your enthusiasm, even if the games are great), and I very much suspect your average Cubs fan is much more interested in who is going to be running the organization moving forward than they are in other things.

I just don’t get what the point is supposed to be.…

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Negative Storylines from the 2011 Season: Phil Hughes takes a giant step backward

(Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

Last winter we did just two comprehensive “Positive Storylines” and “Negative Storylines” posts. In the interest of fleshing the 2011 positives and negatives out a bit...

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Free agent profile: C.J. Wilson

There’s much debate over whether Wilson is a “true ace” or not, but the bottom line is that he’s been the number one pitcher on the two-time defending American League champions for the majority of the past two seasons (excepting Cliff Lee‘s brief time in Arlington). This season the Rangers were third in the A.L. in FIP by starting pitchers, despite playing in a very hitter friendly ballpark. And Wilson was no slouch either, with an ERA/FIP/xFIP line of 2.94/3.24/3.41 in 223.1 innings pitched, backed up by a K/9 of 8.3 and a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 2.83. In other words, he had a really good year.

On the other hand, this is just Wilson’s second season as a starter, and as the local media has become all too happy to point out, he hasn’t been at his best in the postseason. Including both 2010 and 2011, Wilson has a 1-5 record with a 5.32 ERA over 45.2 innings in October.…

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