Free agent profile: Roy Oswalt

With the Phillies declining a $16 million option on Roy Oswalt yesterday, an underwhelming class of free agent pitchers got a little more interesting. With a strong pitching staff and Ryan Howard‘s new contract kicking in next year, spending that much money on Oswalt probably wasn’t a good allocation of resources for Philadelphia, so Oswalt is a free agent now, free to sign with anyone once free agency opens next week, though there are rumblings Philadelphia wants to bring him back at a lower salary.

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TYA Mailbag: Mike Aviles and Adam Kennedy

Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. Glad you all survived Monday and are joining us bright and early here at TYA. Today’s mailbag question comes courtesy of Travis: Matt mentioned Casey Blake as a potential backup infielder. What about if the Red Sox non-tender Mike Aviles? I know his 2011 wasnt stellar, but his 2010 seemed a bit more interesting. What is the real Aviles and would the younger player be an option for the backup spot? And what about Adam Kennedy or even bringing up a youngster, like David Adams (if he’s healthy)? Let’s start with David Adams. Adams definitely has Continue reading TYA Mailbag: Mike Aviles and Adam Kennedy

Would You Sign…..

I am trying to get a sense of the level of interest that the fanbase has in the Yankees’ free agents, as well as the major targets available on the free agent market. Please vote in the polls below as if you were the GM, so signing Prince Fielder means you need to find somewhere to put Jesus Montero, and signing CJ Wilson means it is unlikely that you pursue Yu Darvish. Also, assume that the players are available at market value contracts similar to those received by similar players in the past (ie Darvish at Dice-K money, Wilson at Continue reading Would You Sign…..

Arizona Fall League: Week 3

The Phoenix Desert Dogs finally snapped their eight-game losing streak last week, though they still have a way to go as they sit at the bottom of the Arizona Fall League.  Their 2-4 record this past week puts them at 5-12 so far.

The Yankees pitchers got pegged with a couple of Phoenix’s losses this week, but on the whole they looked good.  Daniel Burawa threw three innings over two games and gave up just one hit and three walks, picking up three strikeouts.  Preston Claiborne allowed a run and a hit over two innings of work, while David Phelps continued to struggle.  He lasted just 3.1 innings in his start, giving up three runs on seven hits and two walks.  Phelps has an 8.68 ERA in his three starts and opposing hitters are knocking him for a .349 average.  Chase Whitley rounded out the Yankees hurlers, throwing 4.1 innings and giving up two runs on three hits and a walk.  He picked up five Ks.

Ronnier Mustelier appears to be back from whatever injury had him sidelined.  He went 4-11 in three games and scored a run.  He had a double and struck out twice.  Corban Joseph went 4-16 in four games, scoring four times and hitting a homer and two RBIs.  He worked a couple walks and did not strike out.  In nine at bats against left-handed pitching, Joseph has yet to get a hit.  Robert Segedin went 3-19 over five games, scoring three runs. Continue reading Arizona Fall League: Week 3

Is time running out for A-Rod to become the Home Run king?

The story has been re-told hundreds of times, but the Yankees have been in the off season for more than two weeks now. With post ideas running a little thin forgive me for recapping it here. In 2007 Alex Rodriguez had the best season of his career. He hit 54 homers, with a wOBA of 449 and a wRC+ of 178. He was just 32 at season’s end. With over 500 home runs to his name already, it was a matter of when, not if, he would take control of baseball’s most cherished record. Things have not gone to plan Continue reading Is time running out for A-Rod to become the Home Run king?

Is the World Series “sacred?”

There’s nothing in the latest blog post internet column from Blogger Murray Chass that I really feel like making fun of, per se, but the whole thing seems really juvenile. Of course, most of the stuff Murray writes about Bud Selig comes off that way, which is an occupational hazard when you let your undisclosed personal relationships (Murray is close with Fay Vincent, who was of course deposed as commissioner by Selig) cloud your writing. Then again, Vincent seems to be the only person who still talks to Murray, so I guess I can hardly fault him for doing his pal a solid.

Anyway, I just don’t really understand what it is that’s supposed to be at issue here. There are 28 teams not playing in the World Series right now, which means that they have other business to attend to. The Cubs have been rumored to be big players in free agency this year, so it’s no surprise that they want to get their new front office in place, especially since they’ve gone after such heavy hitters. Is Bud Selig supposed to order them to delay getting their baseball operations staff in place? Is he supposed to put a league wide moratorium on the other franchises working during the World Series? That seems silly to me, so why can’t we all just grow up and focus attention on more than one thing at a time.

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Negative Storylines from the 2011 Season: Phil Hughes takes a giant step backward

Last winter we did just two comprehensive “Positive Storylines” and “Negative Storylines” posts. In the interest of fleshing the 2011 positives and negatives out a bit further — not to mention we have more days to fill with content this offseason — the Positive and Negative Storyline trends are going to be broken up across multiple posts this year. Phil Hughes. Almost certainly the Yankee pitcher I’ve spent the most time writing about during my blogging career. I’m not quite sure what to make of you anymore, the player formerly known as The Franchise. Our own Moshe has given up Continue reading Negative Storylines from the 2011 Season: Phil Hughes takes a giant step backward

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Free agent profile: C.J. Wilson

One way or another, the World Series will be over by the end of this week, which means that free agency will be open sometime next week. The Yankees are always a major presence in the offseason, whether by signing people or getting connected to pretty much every major talent on the market (with varying degrees of veracity). So over the next few days, we’ll take a look at some of the available names the Yankees might have an interest in, weigh their pros and cons, and try to figure out what the market for them might be.

As we all know, the Yankees’ biggest offseason need remains starting pitching. Keeping C.C. Sabathia in pinstripes will be priority number one, but once that’s accomplished, the Yankees will still likely look into bolstering a rotation that would consist of Sabathia, Ivan Nova, A.J. Burnett, and Phi Hughes. Say what you will about him, but C.J. Wilson is without a doubt the biggest fish in the pond this year. Might the Yankees add another front line lefty to their rotation to complement Sabathia, bringing the Rangers’ ace to the Bronx?

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