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8 thoughts on “The new CBA is terrible

  1. As you say, all these rules suck. However, the last one you list doesn't even make sense. How does low revenue relate to draft picks?

    I am hoping that playoff seeding will be determined by highest revenue!!

    By the way, I hear that Selig is running for office. Thus all the rules to keep foreigners out!!!!

  2. Wow, the last rule listed really hurts. Even though they got rid of Type A and B free agents, this rule does not make the situation a whole lot better.

    Say Wandy Rodriguez was a free agent this offseason, but the current rule would not give any compensation b/c they were just out of top 10 for the lowest revenue (I believe they are 11th). This pretty much forces teams to trade pivotal players on their last year of their contract to buyers.

  3. "In a paean to small markets, the ten lowest revenue teams will get extra draft picks each year. Well, six of them will, and they’ll be selected by a lottery. No really, I’m not making this up, this is the boondoggle Bud Selig has turned the draft into."

    Loved the way you worded that.

  4. Any time I see an IIATMS article about how something sucks, or how a writer is an idiot (basically anything negative) I automatically know it was written by Brien. Guy, you bring way too much negativity to this other wise awesome site. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to read the articles.

    • So he should sugarcoat everything instead of calling it how it is? He gave the CBA exactly the treatment it deserves.

      • And ironically enough, up until 4 or 5 days ago I was very optimistic about the looming agreement.

    • And while everyone has the right to an opinion, obviously, to be fair in this case, my feelings about this deal are far from atypical. Basically everyone hates it.

  5. You even left out the extra playoff team which is as bad an idea as any previously listed. God I can't wait til Selig retires, if ever.