Report-Yanks sign Garcia

I was expecting this to be all over the place by now, but with the holiday it appears its gone unnoticed. Buster Olney reported in his blog today that the Yanks and Freddy Garcia have agreed to terms on a deal. Here’s the quote:

The Yankees agreed to terms on a one-year deal with Freddy Garcia, sources say, and it’s a possibility the team doesn’t make many more moves with its pitching staff this winter.

That means the Yanks have a starting five in place for next season, which is as follows:

1. CC Sabathia
2. Ivan Nova
3. A.J. Burnett
4. Freddy Garcia
5. Phil Hughes

Buster goes on to say that the Yanks have a  “quiet confidence” that Hughes will have a big bounce back season next year, committed to showing up in camp in shape and ready to go from Day 1.  Not sure if I buy that part. Signing Garcia puts them in a stronger position to make deals, and I’ll be surprised if the above rotation is the finished product. They can express confidence all winter in Hughes and Burnett, but it doesn’t mean anything until next spring.

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  1. ahh, just as I had hoped. Saving our bullets, leaving room for tryouts.

    Phil will… put an end to the cryin’.

  2. What do you folks think it would take to sign Buehrle? Too many years?

    By the way, thanks to TYA. You guys are helping me understand sabremetrics and their importance to understanding the game better.

    • He made 14 million last year and he’ll get 3 years from somebody. I just don’t see any reason to give him that kind of deal considering come playoff time he’s no better than a 3-4 starter, and he likely settle in behind Nova in any rotation set. His only real benefit is the number of innings he’s throws but he struggles in Yankee Stadium and against AL East competition.

  3. First off let me wish one and all a very Happy Thanksgiving. It’s great to be a Yankees fan.

    Steve S. – from your mouth to God’s ear and I quote “I’ll be surprised if the above rotation is the finished product”. Let’s hope you are right.

  4. That’s the Yankees starting rotation just like Bubba Crosby was going to be the Yankees starting centerfielder.

  5. 1. CC Sabathia
    2. Matt Garza (Banuelos/Noesi/Sanchez)
    3. Ivan Nova
    4. John Danks (Romine+)
    5. Freddy Garcia

    Bullpen-Phil Hughes

    Burnett to the Dodgers for Juan Uribe (supersub)

    Nunez to the Braves for O’Flaherty

    Play ball!

    • I like the way you think. Unfortunately, let me know when you wake up from that dream.

      BTW,in your dream I’d like to keep Sanchez in the fold. Is there someone else you can use in that mythical trade? Throw Cervelli in for free. Kind of like buy one, get one free.

      • I was just trying to come up with a fair deal for Theo. They have a catching prospect, though he’s in the low minors like Sanchez. Romine or Montero(1B/C) would be a better fit. But I have Romine+ going for Danks, so I threw in Sanchez for the heck of it. I don’t think he’d e in a deal that makes sense for the Cubs. They need pitching more than anything else, esp if they’re giving up Garza.

  6. Freddy did a commendable job last season, glad he was rewarded. Burnett and/or Hughes won’t be in the rotation.

  7. LOVE Garcia, love the signing. Thanks, Freddy, for not forcing the Yankees to give you 2 years.

    I’m down on Phil, but I hardly think it’s a fait accompli that he’s gone this year. Unless he has a big year, I don’t think he’ll be here long-term, but I do think they are committed to giving him one more shot. I have to add that while coming into camp in shape would be a good start (it should be a given, though), I don’t think if Phil does that it means he’s going to have to have a bounceback year. All it means is that he’d be in good shape – all the training in the world at whatever institute he’s attending won’t help his curve or his change or his propensity for giving up big HRs or his inability to put hitters away. Phil must make significant progress in these areas or else he will spend the bulk of his careere moving from team to team, most probably in the bullpen. I hope he can put it all together, but frankly at this stage, it’s a wait and see game; until he does it, I will have my doubts.

  8. I like this signing because there is no risk. If he stumbles or stinks up the joint completely he can be cut and moved on from with very little second though, and if he turns in another season close to 2011 we have reliable 5th starter innings for the year. I think we need a number 2 starter though to drop Nova and Garcia both down a spot though for the rotation to make any progress in the playoffs. Another playoff rotation of Sabathia, Nova, and fill in the blank likely isn’t getting us out of the first round.

    I still believe that Cashman will make a big trade for a starter at some point, everyone is just too confident they won’t make anymore moves for that to be the case. Brian likes to act like a ninja, when people talks about all he is going to do he limits activity. When people start talking about how he has nothing planned he pulls out a trade for Curtis Granderson no one saw coming.