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4 thoughts on “Yankees close to re-signing Garcia

  1. I think this says that Brian Cashman doubts that he can sign a high-end free agent starter (because there really aren't many out there). Signing Freddy is insurance. If Cashman can pull off a major trade, he can always use Freddy in long relief or he can bite the bullet and release Burnett if his 2012 season is a repeat of his last one. Overall, this is a good move to give us depth and potential options.

  2. Totally agree on the "depth" point. Garcia gives you quality innings and he would be one of the best 4 or 5 men in a rotation in the AL. I still hold out hope that the Yanks can pull off a trade for either Danks or Gonzalez and move Burnett (eating most of the salary). Danks or Gonzalez would be the solid #2 the team needs, followed by Nova, Hughes and Garcia. Nice rotation with depth provided by Hector Noesi or one of the guys from AAA (Phelps or Warren). Good move and I like the fact that both Garcia and CC are locked up early. However, I want no part of Colon returning next year