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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

13 thoughts on “Are the Yankees done shopping?

  1. I agree. Cashman might shop, but he isn't getting into any bidding wars. Looking at the Yankees long term contracts, considering the players ages and likely production going forward, the Yankees really can't afford another AJ or Dice-K like contract.

    If this team is going to be a winner in 2014-2016, they are going to need a number of farm hands to become above average players. By then, Teix and ARod will be .800 OPS guys, not .900 OPS guys. Robbie will be getting $20m+, and Phil/D-Rod/Gritner and Montero and kids will be more expensive.

    Cashman is smart to lay low and look for 2nd tier help, and trades like the Swisher/Granderson ones

  2. Gladys Knight and the Pips – that worked out pretty well. We had the same question marks last year – I'm really hoping Phil does better over the season than Barto did; I don't expect the astounding first half that Colon provided, but I can also hope that Phil avoids the 2nd half collapse.

    I'd hate to miss out on Darvish; I'd hate to see Cashman SIGN A.J. Wilson. Either way, come on 2012. I'll be watching regardless.

  3. OHHH!!!!

    I SOOO want to be a MSM sports writer. Came across this gem at my favorite tabloid, written by someone who likely makes a LOT more than I do:

    "There still is a considerable drop off after Sabathia."

    I knew that. You (Brien) knew that. How come WE can't parley that into a cushy job with a NYC paper?

  4. Dave Cameron in fangraphs says Edinson Volquez " A Low Cost Gio Gonzalez Alternative"
    i would like to know your opinion.

    • I'm not Brien, but…. Dave Cameron ignored a lot.. ignored that one is under control for 4 years (Gio), the other 2(Volquez), ignored on is 26, the other 28 and ignored (I should say largely dismissed) some alarming trend lines (Volquez has declined over the last 4 years) and one of these guys had TJ surgery and a PED suspension sprinkled in.

      But I guess that Volquez would be lower cost (prospect wise) and as a pitcher qualifies technically as an alternative…. so the article has some truth to it. The problem is he tried to make them sound like somewhat similar pitchers and make it seem like one can be had cheap without much of a dropoff in quality.

      I think his comparison of Edwin Jackson and Danks a while back was a lot better.

  5. Hey Brien. Wanted to know your thoughts on Garza being floated as potential trade from the Cubs. Yes/no and what would you give up for him?

  6. Not many pitchers out there I like but could a big trade of say Hughes, d-rob, Bettances, Romine and Mitchell get a big time pitcher likeJosh Johnson or Shields or someone else? What about Montero for that Rays lefty. The young kid with the power arm. Can't think of his name right now.

  7. i have been a yankee fan all my life.out of the arbertration for the yankees .they all need to except for on.i feel burnett was a complete bust and a wast of money.the for sure need a good dh hitter llike ortiz.it happenes every year power but no PITCHING..and to sign garcia who blew his share of games last year.so here we go again.all i can say what chout for boston,detroit ans all the clubs that are beefing.up with trade.THIS WOULD BE GOING ON ID GEORGE still here.when wanted a player he got him.