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6 thoughts on “Report: White Sox looking to trade Matt Thornton

  1. Last year, his numbers took a pretty fair dip from his previous 3, but they were still pretty good. If the guy is in good shape, this might be a good deal. My guess is $12m for a Reliever won't sit well with Cashman, as he has been dwon that road before. There will have to be some 'eating of salary' on the Sox end.

    How much would you pay to get this guy?

  2. Thorton is very much needed…….especially in Mo retires and Soriano opts out at the end of 2012.

    In 2010 the Yankees were bad in the 6th inning but good in the 7th. Last year they were great at limiting runs in the 6th but sucked badly in the 7th. If Joba comes back healthy and we can replace Logan with Thorton our pen could really be solid next year.

    Thorton isn’t a luxury but a real need an I hope the Yankees get him.

  3. This is the kind of move the Yankees should make all day long; get a talented older player on a short deal for a bag of balls because he's being paid well by a team looking to trim payroll. Thorton could be the dominant lefty the Yankees haven't really had since Stanton or Lloyd, and the only downside is his salary (which isn't really that crazy nowadays at $6 million for 2 years). Get on the phone Cashman!

  4. I hate to be a debbie downer, but: I don't think that there is any chance Thornton gets traded for a bag of balls. There is serious demand for the skills he brings to the table, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Chicago get something reasonable for him in return (on top of the full salary relief).

  5. hees good sadly too good . its just not worth giving up what he is worth. and since the white sox can sped some money they wont just take a decent prospect to trade like the rays or royals

    also (swear not trying to advertise) but have you guys played simdynasty. people who are this into baseball usually like it