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10 thoughts on “Cashman sings Noesi’s praises

  1. I am hopeful that the Yankees will not sign a free agent or trade for a starter but rely on Noesi, Warrren and Phelps until the B's are ready!

  2. Cashman is doing two things here… 1. Singing the praises of his Player Development Plan(Which has been nothing short of brilliant) 2. bumping up Noesi's trade value, not too many teams would pass on the next Ivan Nova. We shall see

  3. Very few blogs are discussing how expensive and inflexible the Yankee lineup is over the next 5 years, People seem to think we can continue to give away long, expensive contracts… which we can't.

    Cashman sees this. He is looking for deals, and favorable trades like the Swisher and Granderson deals. But he is not going to overpay for anyone. Over the next 5 years, we may see 2 or 3 big deals, but the days of getting a stud or 2 every year are gone.

    The Yankee farm is going to have to help carry us through the middle of this decade.

    • I don't know, but I think the Yankees kinds of can continue giving away long, expensive contracts. In fact I expect that they will continue to do so. Right now they have significant money dedicated to only three players in 2014–Teixeira ($23MM), Rodriguez ($26MM), and Sabathia ($23MM). They will also owe Jeter a $3MM buyout of the team option assuming it isn't exercised. Of course there will be arbitration raises for guys and a 25 man roster to fill out, but the contracts of Soriano, Burnett, Swisher, Granderson, Cano, Jeter, and Rivera will all have expired, freeing up a lot of money to either re-sign some of those guys (hopefully at least Cano) or replace them with other players. Obviously an entire roster cannot be made up of players signed as free agents, and I appreciate the talent that the Yankees have been able to bring to the big league club in recent years. But the plan going forward is almost certain to involve more big, long, expensive contracts, in addition to bringing up home-grown talent.

      • Yeah, I can grant that the roster is expensive (though everything is relative when talking about money), but saying it's inflexible seems like a bit of a stretch. The only players that have three year commitments at this point are A-Rod, Jeter (his option is a player option), Sabathia, and Tex. Obviously, Cano will get a big new contract at some point, but it's not like Cano's a player you'd like to ship elsewhere at this point. Granderson could be in the same category, but for now the Yankees have merely one year guaranteed to him with a club option for 2013.

        Past that group, unless I'm forgetting someone the only players on the 25-man roster right now with a multi-year commitment are Burnett and Soriano with two years, and the latter at least presents the possibility of still being an elite reliever if he's healthy (and opting out of the second remaining year after this season).

  4. I can't believe I am the only one who sees Cuddyer for his value to the team. With no good 4th outfielder on the roster, sign Cuddyer to give us an awesome outfield rotation and add another true leader in the clubhouse. He is in the top three free agents in a truly weak class. He has intangibles (leadership, situational hitting, community service, mentorship) that put him in the top three free agents in my eyes (for the Yankees…he's obviously not in Pujols or Fielder's class but they add nothing to our team). And for all the Darvish lovers, PLEASE google articles pre-Dice-K signing with the Sux that talk about how he had 8 or so major league ready pitches that would baffle the AL East hitters. How long did that last? But I would sign Cespedes because we don't have that many good outfielders in the minors.

    • Cuddyer is going to be far too expensive for a 4th outfielder, and the lack of value provided by his platoon splits to this team makes him basically useless.

    • As far as I know, Cespedes has yet to establish residency in the Dominican Republic, so he's at least a few weeks from being declared a free agent. The latest word on Darvish is that, if he's posted, it will happen some time in January.