Stats to watch for 2012: Alex Rodriguez

For each player, there are certain indicators we look at to see how he’s doing. Even if we know better, we take a peek at Derek Jeter‘s batting average. His speed matters just as much in the field, but we can’t help but gawk at Brett Gardner‘s stolen base...

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On Penn State, heroes, and monstrosity


I assume most of the readers of this site are familiar with the story, but let’s establish a basic factual baseline anyway . The genesis of the controversy is a 2002 incident in which a Penn State graduate assistant and former football player walked in on Sandusky allegedly raping a young boy in the locker room showers. The graduate assistant then told Paterno, who quickly notified the Penn State athletic director. After that, it appears that nothing happened. Law enforcement was never notified, the university never made any attempts to find the victim or do an in depth investigation of their own, it was just swept under the rug by everyone involved.

In addition to this incident, there are two other actions that are particularly relevant. The first was in 1998, when a mother accused Sandusky of inappropriately touching her son while showering with him. Police were involved that time, Sandusky admitted to “hugging” the boy in the shower, and Sandusky was warned, as it were, to stop showering with young boys.…

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Why Jorge Posada may not be finished

Gregory Shamus: Getty Images

As Marc Carig reported on Wednesday, Jorge Posada’s days in pinstripes are likely numbered, a fact that the longtime Yankee seems well aware of.  Many Yankee fans feel similarly, due to Posada’s subpar 2011 season (89 WRC+, -0.4...

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Is Mark Teixeira’s decline irreparable?

We all know he got under that one.

For stat watchers, the numbers are damning. In 2008 Mark Teixeira posted a career high wOBA of .410, a number that confirmed his status as one of the game’s elite hitters. He...

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Answering the Call: A Veterans Day All Star Team

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

Abner Doubleday likely did not invent baseball, but the sport’s connection to the military is still strong.

Baseball and the United States military have been closely intertwined since the days of...

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On Mark Buehrle

Others have done it, but I’ve avoided touching on free agent pitcher Mark Buehrle at length. I kept saying that I wanted to like Buehrle, but I just couldn’t bring myself to want him on the Yankees. Part of me thought this was okay because of Buehrle’s average home run rates and...

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TYA: Mailbag — Bring on the offseason!

Thanks for all of your submissions, folks. Please keep them coming; we’ll certainly address each email as quickly as possible! To submit a question, simply click the “Contact Us” tab under the site’s banner and send us your thoughts.  Today’s question involves some serious offseason roster reconstruction.

Does Ivan Nova Have A Chance To Win AL Rookie Of The Year?

(** Author’s Note- I completely botched this and forgot that Alexi Ogando is not eligible for the AL ROY this year because he spent more than 45 days on a Major League roster in 2010.  So disregard everything related to Ogando below and just focus on the other candidates. **)

(The following is being syndicated from...

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