Blood tests for HGH? Baseball has come a long way

Baseball deserves praise on a number of levels right now. In a year that has seen the NFL threaten to cancel games over labor disputes, and one in which the NBA is threatening to cancel an entire season, more should be made of how smoothly Major League Baseball is coming to a new collective...

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Did CC Sabathia deserve to come in 4th place in the AL Cy Young voting?

CC, I agree, finishing fourth kind of stinks after the season you had.

The AL Cy Young award ceased to be a contest roughly in August when it became clear that Justin Verlander was on his way to a dominant...

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Yankees make 40-man additions

Via Chad Jennings comes news that the Yankees will be adding 5 minor leaguers to the 40-man roster, protecting them from being drafted by other teams in the upcoming Rule V Draft.  The 5 are RHP David Phelps, RHP DJ Mitchell, 2b David Adams, 2b Corban...

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