Report: Yankees decline meeting with Wilson’s agent

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11 thoughts on “Report: Yankees decline meeting with Wilson’s agent

  1. CS Yankee

    Doesn't make much sense not to kick the tires…a lefty who is a 2/3ish type arm when they currently only have a 1 (CC), a 3 (Nova), and like 6 4/5ish (AJ, Phil, Freddy,etc.) arms. Garza, Cain, & JJ are the type guns they need, but anything less than that, well they might as well stay within (AAA).

    A 4/60 contract would make sense, a 100M$ deal is insane as Doc, The King or most of the CYA caliber arms will never see that coin. Crawford and Werth were extremely over-market and poor decisions and this two-year starter (without major stats, exposure or awards) would make those contracts look good.

  2. Michael

    If we don't upgrade the rotation this offseason then who might they be waiting for?

  3. 27up-27down

    Maybe Cashman is tired of player agents using the Yankees to jack up offers from other teams

    • BrienJackson


      • JimS

        Because driving up the price on free agents ultimately costs the Yankees money.

  4. Maybe I'm the only one here who is not totally anti-Wilson. Why not a 4/$60m with triggers for a 5th year if he's healthy?

  5. ChipBuck

    Wow. Wilson has a wicked inverted W in that picture. Never noticed that before.

    • Mike

      Here's an even more pronounced photo:

      I wonder if teams seriously consider something like this in terms of assessing injury risk. Or if they ignore it and dismiss it as not enough evidence for Chris O'Leary's (and others') claim to impact their decision.

  6. SID!

    10 homers in 40 post season innings heading into the World Series. He posts good nombers playing 18 games apiece against the weak hitting AL West (other than the Rangers who he plays for), but in the offseason, facing good hitters every night he gets rocked. How does that look against the AL East? Wake up, people! Cash is smart to pass on him.

    • BrienJackson

      Wilson started 7 games against the A.L. East in 2011 (facing every team but the Orioles), struck out 46 batters, walked 18, and allowed 18 runs (though he allowed 7 runs in one game against Toronto) in 45.2 innings last year.

  7. davidtenna

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