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4 thoughts on “Report: Kuroda willing to move east

  1. He was impressive last year, no doubt. But how would he perform in the AL East? I don't think he would fare much better than Nova or Hughes, who are probably the best options for the No. 2. This notion that the Yankees only have an ace and 4 number 4 starters is absurd.

    • "But how would he perform in the AL East?"

      Not that I want to add much validity to this idea, but; probably better than any starting pitcher the Yankees currently have that isn't named C.C. Sabathia.

  2. We need another pitcher in my head at least. Kuroda sounds good to me. God knows what Hughes will do.

  3. Also nice because it would be a short term deal that wouldn't hurt their $189 million plan for 2014. This seems to be a gift falling into the Yankees' lap, and I hope they take advantage.