Make your best offer

The title says it all, folks. I’m going to list a few trade target pitchers and in the comments, I want you to tell us what your best offer would be.

John Danks
Pros: Lefty; decent strikeout/control numbers; affordable; short term commitment.
Cons: So-so ground ball numbers; free agent after 2011.

Gio Gonzalez
Pros: Lefty; great strikeout and ground ball numbers; tons of team control left.
Cons: Big time walk rate; tons of team control = crazy high cost.

Jair Jurrjens
Pros: Experienced; consistent success.
Cons: Injury risk; velocity drop.

Matt Garza
Pros: Talented; A.L. East experience; good control; has shown strikeout stuff.
Cons: Coming off of his best year, so he’s valued much more highly than he should be.

Anyone else?

A native and resident of the Mean Streets of Southwestern Connecticut, Matt is a narcissistic, misanthropic 20something English teacher who lives by a simple creed: Yankees Only.

About Matt Imbrogno

A native and resident of the Mean Streets of Southwestern Connecticut, Matt is a narcissistic, misanthropic 20something English teacher who lives by a simple creed: Yankees Only.

42 thoughts on “Make your best offer

  1. Only Gonzalez and Garza are worth pursuing although I wouldn’t give up more than one of our top prospects (Montero, ManBan or Betances) for even these guys. Your “cons” on the other two are very telling. Gonzalez is controllable and Garza has suceeded in the AL East. HOWEVER, we have guys in the pipeline ready to contribute. Noesi should make the starting rotation this year (as #4 or #5). Phelps and Warren can pick up the slack if anyone is injured. I would rather see Joba in the rotation than AJ. Hughes deserves another shot. Trade AJ for another bad ccontract – maybe a position player like Vernon Wells who could serve as #4 outfielder. The smart thing is to dump AJ and free up a rotation spot. Can anyone argue that he is going to be better than Joba, Hughes or Noesi? We’ve developed the young players, nowe is the time to play them.

  2. I’ve coveted Garza ever since he went to the Cubs, so he’s the one I’d go for. And I’d truly go for him, as I think his youth and AL East experience is worth the time and money. In terms of who I would give up, I would be willing to part with a top-of-the-line pitching prospect like Betances and might even be willing to throw Hughes or Joba into the deal to make it work. I think both of those guys would thrive in the NL Central. And if Theo gets Betances and either Joba or Phil, he’s half-way fixed his rotation.

    But perhaps I am WAY to high on Garza as he is coming out of the NL Central.

  3. I’d stick with the current staff, unless the Yanks win the posting for Darvish. I’d make room for him. Manny & Jesus are virtual untouchables for me.

  4. If I was an actual GM these would probably not get accepted, but this would be all I’m willing to give. I agree with the “Darvish-first” philosophy.

    Danks: Betances or Williams plus one or two non-star prospects.

    Gonzalez: Betances or Williams plus maybe two guys out of the following group: Whelan, Phelps, Warren, Romine, Murphy, plus some copies of Moneyball (movie, not book).

    Jurrjens: I’m not too high on him. Nunez and Jorge Vazquez? I’d like to keep Vazquez but the Yankees aren’t gonna call him up anyways, so might as well let him go.

    Garza: Similar package to Gonzalez, except maybe Stoneburner would be available too.

  5. George A. King III of the New York Post is reporting that the Yankees are only willing to assume 8 million dollars of AJ Burnett’s contract in a trade.

    If this is true everyone needs to just get use to AJ in the Yankees rotation. I personally haven’t felt they would trade him this season anyway, after this I am even more sure he isn’t going anywhere. No one is going to pay 25 million for the next 2 seasons for Burnett.

  6. Seems like Nunez may be on the block in a trade.

    The Yankees have won the bidding right to Hiroyuki Nakajima, the winning bid was 2 million dollars. They now have 30 days to negotiate a contract, the Yankees view Nakajima as a utility player”.

  7. Of the pitchers listed above I think Gio has the most potential going forward. He has risk associated with his walk rates, which against veteran AL East like lineups can really hurt him. But I think of the 4 he has the highest upside to that of a number 2, possibly number 1 starter.

    I would be fine with Banuelos being traded in a 3 team trade for Gio, in which a 3rd team provides the bat the A’s want. Though I wouldn’t add any of the other big names (Montero) in the deal.

    I don’t think we have the upper minor league position based talent to trade for Gio in a 2 team trade, unless we are trading Montero and I don’t think Gio is worth Montero as of now.

  8. John Danks: Betances + Romine
    Gio Gonzalez: no offer; too many walks
    Jair Jurrjens: no offer; too many injuries
    Matt Garza: see Danks + another pitcher, e.g. Mitchell
    Anyone else?
    Zack Greinke
    Pros: Talented; A.L. experience; good control; has shown strikeout stuff, Brewers want to get rid of 13 mio to go for Fielder.
    Cons: Psychologically questionable.
    Offer: Hughes + another pitcher (e.g. Mitchell) + Mason Williams

  9. I am with those willing to include Betances in a deal for Garza or Danks. I am not persuaded Betances will ever have sufficient command to succeed as a starter, much less at the front of a rotation. But Danks becomes a free agent after this season. I would not be prepared to give anything significant beyond Betances to get him. Most of the other names mentioned by Yankee fans in possible deals — Mitchell, Laird, and even Romine — won’t add enough to make the difference without a Betances in the equation.

  10. Under no circumstances offer Montero for anyone. This is a once in a generation bat. I don’t see trading for any of these guys with what we have in the pipeline and on the roster, with the possibility of Darvish looming.

  11. For Danks – Mason Williams, D.J. Mitchell

    For Gio – one of the Almontes’, Betances, Melky Mesa

    Jurrjens – no offer, too many concerns regarding velo drop and NL/AL transition

    Garza – Betances, Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez + filler. They’d turn that down but it would be foolish to offer anything else. He’s not a definitive #2.

  12. Gonzalez for Gardner & Betances. I like Gardner, but his production can be replaced easier than finding a #2/#3 SP

    Garza & Zambrano & Soriano for Betances, Burnett, Romine & J Vasquez

    Gives Cubs a SP and 1 in the wings, a #1/#2 Catcher and 1B help plus huge payroll relief. They could go after Fielder with the payroll savings.

  13. NONE of the guys are worth trading for.

    We don’t need another #3 level.

    If we’re trading a bunch of people, we have to get someone damn sure to make us better, not a guy might or might not be as good as Nova.

  14. Okay I’ll play:

    John Danks
    A rental. I’d shy away but offer a quantity over quality in a bunch of rule 5ers such as Brandy Laird, Pena, Warren ect who won’t add much than AAA depth that youre gonna lose anyway.

    Gio Gonzalez
    Push Montero on them. He’s blocked. He can’t catch even as good as Cervelli and Arod’s salary puts him at DH longterm eventually. Have to add an arm. No big deal.

    Jair Jurrjens
    Tough ask, think the Braves are impressed by mid level Yankee prospect pitching like Viscaino who they got for Javy so Becantes if they press it throw in Romine if Jair can pass his physical.

    Matt Garza
    Go blockbuster on this one. Insist the Cubs take Burnett and the Yanks assume Zambrano as well salary for salary , throw in Swisher and fill the gaps in with loads of prospects that Theo loves.

  15. I am astonished at the willingness of some to trade a talent like Betances who offers six years of low cost and potentially hi grade performance(even if only out of pen) for a 1 year rental like Danks. New CBA makes every Yankee prospect worth far more than they were just a couple of weeks ago as new young talent will now be hard to come by.

    For Danks: Romine and Kontos

    Gonzales: Sanchez,Warren, Nunez

    Garza: Granderson (and perhaps Murphy)

    Juerggens: Andrew Brackman