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7 thoughts on “Shocker: Yankees looking to trade A.J.

  1. Why not (hope for the Santa visit, that is)?

    The ONLY downside to trading him would be for him to pull a Pavano, and be a Cy Young candidate for someone else; while WE'RE paying the lion's share of his salary.

    Shoot – he has more "upside" than most of the guys out there…if he was available at 4-5 mil, you KNOW that Cash would jump on it…

    which is what I'm afraid of – if someone does get him for a Colon-esque contract, and then AJ figures out what he was doing in Toronto, and starts doing it again…

    Keep him. Or maybe, give him some free flying lessons.

  2. I agree it's unlikely anyone would take Burnett unless the Yankees picked up a big chunk of his salary. But unless the Yankees trade or sign another decent starter I don't know if it's such a great move. Yeah Burnett's mediocre at best, but if you ignore his ridiculous salary he's not such a bad guy to have as a #4 or #5 starter: 500 record and pitches a lot of innings.

  3. …or that Santa would drop some pianos atop the heads of struggling teams' front office staffs.

    Burnett has, for the duration of his New York stay, been a player one "prays" for. His stuff is mean, and he can occasionally bring it, but seemingly only by the hand of God, beyond any coaching. Thing is, when prayers aren't answered, people get mad at God – in this case, that would be Cash and above. The antipathy towards him is stronger than it could be for Pavano, whose stuff wasn't Burnett-esque and thereby never so frustrating, and was often injured.

    Maybe, with the way things are going down there, the Marlins would be willing to throw a small country back at him.

  4. Can Santa bring game 2 Of 2009 ws version of aj for a whole season? That's what I asked for Christmas ;)

  5. If NY did trade AJ and paid part of his salary, would that count against the luxury tax? I should know this, but I don't.

    • Well, I should know that too, but I'm having one of those brain locks where I suddenly don't know the answer. I want to say that his salary wouldn't count against the Yankees if they traded him.