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19 thoughts on “Yankees win bid on Nakajima

  1. He seems to put up about 20 home runs, 20 stolen bases and a .390 obp annually in japan. The obp should translate well even if the power and average decreases. I can't see this as a bad thing.

  2. This is a good pick up for the Yankees and a good utility player. Also can play good shortstop with good power in his bat. Good job Yankees.!

  3. It's so sad when, as Yankee fans, the only thing we are celebrating from the winter meetings, so far, are winning the rights to negotitate a potential with a 29-year old backup infielder, whom none of us have ever heard of!

    CC was a great signing in 2008, but we all saw it coming. Tex was the great, late surprise. Call me beyond greedy, but I'm still holding out hope to drop $250M on Pujols, so that he can play OF,3B, DH, pitcih from the bullpen or whatever the hell else he would want!

    • Well, conversely, the Yankees missed the playoffs in 2008 and had holes at first base, right field, and their rotation consisted of Andy Pettitte, Chien Ming Wang, and Joba Chamberlain. By contrast, this year they're coming off of the best record in the American League with no obvious holes on the team.

      • Other than the 2-5 starters (yes, they have player to fill those roles, but they're not very good) and catcher (since Montero apparently isn't going to be allowed to catch). Long-term, they could think about what they're going to do with 2B and RF.

        • Russell Martin is still under team control, so I can't imagine he's going anywhere else. So really, in the short-term, the only real place to add is an upgrade to the rotation.

          Also, I'm pretty sure the Yankees see themselves as set at 2B for a long time.

          • Martin basically had two good months last year OPS-wise. Team control or no, I'd really like to see someone more consistent.

            As for 2B, I just don't think Cano will be worth the mega-contract he's going to command once free agency hits after 2013. If I were Cashman and I could flip him for good value, I would.

          • Cano is a top 10 talent in all of MLB and might wind up being a future captain once Jeter retires. How will he not be worth his next contract?

          • He's only finished in the top ten for OPS once. His career OPS ranks 41st. How is that a top ten talent? Add in that he plays second base where stars don't usually age well, I don't want the Yankees locking him up for $20+million a year.

          • Exactly. The last 3 years Cano has finished 5th, 1st, and 6th in fWAR among 2B, good for 3rd highest fWAR over the last 3 years (behind Zobrist and Utley, basically tied with Pedroia). So um yeah, if you know of anyone available that will bring that much value, I'm listening.

  4. Thanks Brien. Obviously I know the situation is much different. I was being sarcastic based on jealousy of it being boring on the sidelines. Just because we don't NEED Pujols, et al, doesn't mean I can't dream!

    • Oh, I know what you mean. And it's definitely a lot more fun when they're connected to moves and/or a surprise trade like Granderson comes down the pike. But even more than money, there's not really a lot of available roster space either, right now.

      Maybe Ruben Amaro will overpay for Aramis Ramirez and their end of the year check to Cole Hamels will bounce.

  5. With so many teams asking for Montero, Betances, or Banuelos in a trade for their starting pitcher, I feel that Cashman is thinking about using Nunez as a trade bait instead, since the Yankees seem to lack second-tier prospects other teams look for. That is probably why they bid on Nakajima.

    From what I heard, Nakajima is not a solid defender… (correct me if I'm wrong) and that is not what the team needs. At least Nunez is 24 and has room to improve both on the field and on the batting box. I really hope Nunez stays in the team.

    • He's not the strongest defender, from what I understand, but he's presumably not a butcher if he's stuck at short either. I guess your prototypical utility player is a better fielder, but the Yankees also need a guy who's going to get semi-regular playing time on the right side, so trading some defense for offense isn't the worst thing.

      As for Nunez, I think you're exactly right about freeing him up to become a secondary piece to a trade if the Yankees can get a target they like on the line, especially if the rest of baseball is as interested in him as offseason accounts have made it seem.

  6. Nakajima has been the pride and joy of the Seibu Lions for quite some time. I doubt the Lions will give up one of their marquee players for a mere $2mil. He's worth much more than that to them, and he's considered the premier SS in the Pacific League in Japan. Having seen him in person and watched him for a few seasons, I don't see him being much more than a 2nd baseman on a sub .500 team or a decent backup for a contender… Like most Japanese players he needs work in the weight room.

    • That said I'd love for the Yanks to land another Japanese player so more Yankee games will get broadcasted in Japan.