Your 2011 Anti-IIATMS HOF selections

Albert Pujols

According to Bob Nightingale, the Marlins attempted to match Alex Rodriguez‘s second contract (grrrr, don’t get me started) with a similarly sized deal. Instead, Albert opted for ARod’s first deal:

@BNightengale: The Miami #Marlins actually outbid the #Angels for Pujols,offering 10-year, $275 million deal, sources confirm.

My dearest Marlins fan(s), you will not regret Albert taking this deal. You would, however regret it in about year five, just as Albert’s 10-5 clause will kick in. However, given that Albert Almighty left some $20-25M on the table, he gets the first 2011 anti-IIATMS selection.

C.J. Wilson

At least this guy just came out and said it, which I dig:

“If it was about the money, I’d be a Florida Marlin.”

Evidently, the Marlins were willing to go to $100M for Wilson, which in corporate finance terms, is called “bat-shit crazy”. Your newer text book might refer to it as something else. Nonetheless, props to Wilson for taking what appears to be a lesser offer to draft behind the Pujols big-rig.


Ladies and gents, please welcome these two highly compensated, incredibly talented, yet somehow fiscally modest (OK, I can’t even type this with a straight face) to the Anti-IIATMS Hall of Fame.


And to the rest of MLB’s fans, you can take your “competitive balance” cries and stuff ’em.


And a final post script… I cannot help but wonder what Jeffrey Loria’s plans are for this team. Given his history as a sketchy fellow, I can envision a scenario where he sells this team within a few years, just as these bills start to add up and attendance is waning. This reeks of a “pump-and-dump” and stockbrokers go to jail for that sorta thing. I know he had to have been squirreling away all of his revenue sharing and luxury tax revenues since the 2003 sell-off, but I’m not certain the piper will be adequately paid. Said differently, this feels like someone buying a very expensive house and soon realizing they can’t afford the taxes and the upkeep. Something’s fishy, very feeshy.

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10 thoughts on “Your 2011 Anti-IIATMS HOF selections

  1. You failed to factor in the value of not having to wear the new Miami Marlins uniform. I'm thinking it would take at least an extra $30m to coax franchise players into those duds.

  2. Leaving $20-25MM on the table when you're already guaranteed $250MM…I dunno, I can't exactly say I'm impressed by heavenly priorities here.

    Have you considered replacing your anti-IIATMS HOF with the opposite, for the most mercenary of the mercenaries? (Damon was the very first that came to mind…)

  3. Those Marlins contracts are disgusting.. aren't they only worth like $226million as a franchise? not sure with the new park. Alaska is more of a baseball state than Florida.. can't pump that dump.

  4. As I commented on another post a day or two ago, I don't expect the Marlins to be able to pay this tab. Wilson and Pujols may not have wanted to get involved with a franchise that's likely to go into receivership at its current spending rate. Sure, a contract would be a contract, and they'd get their money one way or another, but who wants the headaches?

    That, plus the minimal difference in offers, makes me disinclined to vote them into the IIATMS Hall at this time.

  5. Uniform's aside, I agree that Pujols deserves credit for leaving $25m on the table, even if that figures to be just $2.5m per year, half of which would go to taxes and his agent, and even though it was the NTC, not that money, that affected him.

    At the same time, shouldn't that be weighed against his walking away from the Cardinals $200m offer? He let $50m take him from the franchise that helped develop him, the fans that loved him, and the team that put two rings on his fingers.

    • I'm thinking that he probably knew this would be his last contract and wanted to sign in the AL so that he would eventually slide into the DH spot full time. Not to mention that he just won another championship with the Cards and LaRussa is retiring so there will be some major changes within. Add to the fact that he is multiple time MVP in the NL and it leaves him with not too much more to prove in StL or maybe the NL in general. He will be playing in a new league in a warm weather city on a team that is built to win now and for a few year to come. All in all it's a perfect situation in a great baseball city where he will probably flourish for the next 5 years until he is relegated to full time DH and eventually retires.