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8 thoughts on “Yu Darvish to be posted this week

  1. I'm pretty high on Darvish & hope the Yankees can pull it off. I've been reading that alot of teams have expressed interest, so the bidding might get out of control. Though it wouldn't completely surprise me to see a team make an outrageous bid with no realistic intention of signing him, in order to block some other team.

  2. I've read a bit about the Yanks need/desire to get under $189m before 2014. Is there an article that explains why? Thanks.

  3. Really, you expect an annual payment of less than 10 mil for Darvish? I expected higher for some reason.

    • Less than $10 million? I don't know about that. Daisuke's was $8 million, but that was a while ago now and Darvish is a much better prospect. I don't think he'll get higher than $12 million though, which would equate to a 5 year, $60 million contract. Exclusive negotiating rights means that he can't shop the offer around to get a higher bidder, obviously.

      • If that is the case, then you are really talking about $20+ million per year after you factor in the posting fee. Even tax free, that is a lot of dough for a guy who has never thrown a major league pitch and is by all accounts an egomaniac (much like Daisuke, who refused to take listen to the BoSox pitching and conditioning staff because he knew better).

        I would love for them to offer him a $25-30 million signing bonus on a minor league contract. That is massive money up front to walk away from, and it would leave the Yanks sitting pretty come tax day. And if he pitches well, he'd more than make up the difference in arbitration.

        Same goes from Cepedes, though his signing bonus would have to be bigger b/c there is no posting fee.

        • Well it's not like they don't have the money, so I don't intend to lose too much sleep over that. But because of the posting fee not counting towards the luxury tax, it's basically their only chance to add a potential frontline starter AND get under their target payroll number in 2014.