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19 thoughts on “Someone really likes Freddy Garcia

  1. The odds of Garcia coming close to last year's numbers are pretty remote. That said, it's not a good deal for the Yankees. But I hope he proves us both wrong.

    • I don't know that it's not a good deal for the Yankees, I just don't get making it so quickly. If Garcia is supposed to be a fall back back-of-the-order pitcher, why not see how the market shakes out and then come to him if you don't land anyone else?

      • Because they didn't want anyone else to snag him? And after dissing AJ by trying to trade him (and further damaging his oh, so fragile psyche) – did they really need to mess with the head of their #3 starter? Even tho his numbers didn't warrant it, I could see him getting a similar offer elsewhere – at which time the Bros would have had to beat it by a mil, just to prove he was wanted.

    • That's kind of my feeling as well. They caught lightning in a bottle with both Garcia and Colon last year, and going to that same well again seems like a bad idea. He's certainly not the worst guy to fill out the back of their rotation. Still, right now it's Sabathia and a few question marks. Cashman seems to have an eye for identifying starting pitchers that can contribute though. He's done it several times so far–unlike my boy Theo. Maybe he sees something we don't.

  2. cashman is a terrible gm and can't close a dealo to save his life. Bad move by the Steinbrenner boys bringing him back

    • That's quite a statement there. Closed both Sabathia deals pretty darn well. Also snuck in and closed the Teixeira deal out of nowhere. I assume you're referring to his failing to sign Cliff Lee, but did he not offer enough money? How much should he have offered?

    • Are you French or retarded? I'm a Red Sox fan, and even I can see Cashman's a pretty great GM. All 29 teams would hire him in a second if they had an opening when he was available.

  3. I figured if Garcia did sign elsewhere (I think he can possibly sign a 2-year deal if lucky), then Cashman would be forced to make a huge bid on Darvish or a 2-year deal on Kuroda, neither which makes sense. I get your point, but giving him $4million or $6 million doesn't make much difference for the Yankees, so why not just go and sign Garcia, the one stable pitcher?

    • I dunno, given what we're hearing about the Yankees' budget these days, $5 million is a huge amount of disposable resources.

      • OR – why can't it be insurance/smokescreen? He has all of the internet experts convinced that he won't make a play for Darvish, just because he resigned Garcia and passed on Wilson (bleh) and Buerhle (BLAA.) Meaning, just maybe, the team can score Yu for a posting fee of maybe 30 mil, instead of 50 mil. Worst that happens? – Hughes, AJ, and Ivan are all awesome, as are Garcia and Yu – in which case, we can either make a trade (remember, starters are hard to come by) or have backup for when Man Mountain's knees finally collapse.

        It can't hurt to have a half decent pitcher for 4-5 mil. And if signing him lowers the posting price by 10 mil – then that's at least 5 to the good.

        • I don't really see how what the Yankees do or say has any effect on the posting market. If nothing else, you know both Texas and Toronto are very interested in Yu, and since it's a blind posting, it doesn't make any sense to guess at the market in any case. The smart thing to do is decide what price you're willing to pay and bid it regardless, because it's not an auction where you can start low and bid up.

      • A huge amount of disposable resources, which not much later you advocated giving to Brackman instead. $2 million for Brackman or $4-5 for Garcia. You advocated for Brackman. That seems crazy to me.

  4. River Avenue Blues had an interesting post the other day about the Yankees portraying themselves as uninterested to affect the market for Darvish. I don't know how much water this holds, but it seems like everyone is pessimistic by Cashman's weird answers of wanting to improve pitching but then citing prohibitive costs. I think he is messing with the market. As the blog piece said, Cashman being transparent to the media on what they hope/hope not to do will only hurt the Yankees. Cashman might just be saying things to say things so that you writers keep busy. The other factor here that is not being discussed is Randy Levine and Hank. These two might overrule Cashman like last year and put out an outrageous bid for Darvish and then work out a deal for Darvish that might overpay him. If Cashman is not happy about that, then there could be friction, otherwise, the fans and writers out there who say the Yankees have to make a move just to make a move will cheer the over-indulgence of a Darvish contract. I'm all for Darvish. He's a no doubt talent and he's young. He's insurance if Hughes does not live up to the billing or Banuelos/Betances bust. If they are all successful, then you make trades.

    • "River Avenue Blues had an interesting post the other day about the Yankees portraying themselves as uninterested to affect the market for Darvish. "

      See above.

  5. Sadly, I think the Garcia deal is further evidence that that Yanks won't make a real effort to sign Darvish.

  6. The only way we'd know if there was an effort is if the Yankees win Darvish's rights through the posting system. Otherwise, we'd have no idea if they even tried.

  7. is there really such a thing as a terrible <$5mm one-year contract for a starting pitcher? seems like a very slow news day.