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Beyond the Box Score finally worked its way down the alphabet to post the All True Yankees team. To recap what I posted two weeks ago, this team consists of players who spent every single game of their careers in pinstripes. The Yankees have quite the impressive squad. You can see the full list here.

Chris St. John on the Yankees:

So this is why there’s such a thing as a “True Yankee.” The difference between the Yankees (1) and the Red Sox (2) is the same as the difference between the Red Sox and the Phillies (13). There are just no weaknesses on this team as even the bench is full of 35+ win players. There are eight more players who didn’t make the team at all who have more than ten career wins.

In order to make the best lineup, I had to put DiMaggio in left field, Posada at second base, White at third base and Williams in right field. If you’re picky, you can move Posada to the bench and let McDougald play second base. It doesn’t change the total WAR at all.

A majority of the active players on this team are relievers. The other two active players are almost done with their careers.

I found BTBS’s project fascinating because it really gives you a sense of the greatness of the franchise. Any two players on the Yankee bench combine for a higher WAR than the Blue Jays, the last place team. In fact, the Yankee bench clocks in at 311.7 WAR, greater than half of the True teams.

And the Yankees are this dominant with Yogi Berra, Lefty Gomez, and Tony Lazzeri sitting out due to a tiny handful of plate appearances with other clubs. Not to mention someone like Babe Ruth, who earned the vast majority of his WAR with the club.

It also really gives you perspective on how the team has been able to keep it’s home-grown stars from leaving over the years. Lot’s of teams produce first ballot hall of fame talent, but most of them aren’t going to keep their players throughout their long careers. The Yankees have done it time and again over a century.

Who are the next additions to the list? Of current players, Robinson Cano certainly could easily displace Jorge Posada at 2nd base. He has 28.5 career WAR, and could play as many as 10 more years. Let’s hope he stays in pinstripes forever.

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  1. Roy White at third base is just as silly as Posada at 2nd. He played 17 games there.