No surprises here, Yanks are not getting Darvish

While I am certainly disappointed that the Yanks won’t be able to fit the young, 6’5″ pitcher for very long pinstripes, I can only hope some other team feels financially strangled by this latest breach of the “Yanks buy everyone” contract we all signed so long ago. I just hope they didn’t bid to win out of fear from prior Japanese pitching acquisitions.

Take that, competitive balance.

Oh yeah, for those wondering about videoboy Yeonis Cespedes, says Marc Carig, again:

The Yankees have scouted Cespedes and came away believing him to be an everyday major league center fielder. But even that belief won’t be enough for the Yankees to be a factor in the bidding.

Remind me again, who are the Yankees if not big spenders?

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7 thoughts on “No surprises here, Yanks are not getting Darvish

  1. If the Yankees are not spending money for fear of the 189 million "soft cap" in the new CBA, then they better start lowering those ridiculous ticket prices or there will be a lot more empty seats than just in the moat! They better be careful or that palace will start looking half empty like the old stadium back in the early seventies!

    • Not sure I'd be so quick to disagree. In two years time, will you be happy to pay Stadium prices to see 150 year-old Arod and Jeter (or their injury replacements) manning 3rd and short with the c.800 OPS of Tex at 1st behind a rotation of CC and the current AAA guys who may or may not be working out or some mid-priced Hitchcock/ Vazquez-types?…

  2. From a purely business standpoint, it makes sense for the Yankees to go after Darvish. Having a Japanese star on the team will increase the franchise value of the Yankees in Japan and in Asia. When Hideki was with the Yankees, he had several japanese reporters just follow him the whole season and give the Yankees so much exposure. Considering that the posting fee is not added to the 189 million "cap", it would make more sense to go after guys like Darvish than resign Freddy Garcia for $5million.

  3. So let me get this straight…
    Red Sox:
    Beckett, Lester and Buchholz
    Price, Moore and Hellickson
    Romero, Morrow, + Darvish
    Sabathia, Nova, and…

    This does not feel like the Yankees…

  4. I think Cashman is underplaying is Cespedes hand, if they can sign him for less then $40 million my money is they pull the trigger (and even if it's 40-60, they still might do it):

    There's a consensus among international MLB people that the Yankees are "BIG" on Yoenis Cespedes, according to Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus (on Twitter).