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3 thoughts on “White Sox sign Danks to 5 year extension

  1. I think this is a blessing in disguise. (or maybe not in disguise, it just seems everyone it so high on Danks):

    Last 3 years:
    Danks 3.92 ERA, 4.04 FIP, 4.07xFIP, 10.4 fWAR
    Jackson: 3.96 ERA, 3.90 FIP, 3.93x FIP 11.2 fWAR
    Gavin Floyd 4.16 ERA, 3.68 FIP, 3.69 xFIP, 12.4 fWAR

    In fairness Danks will be in his age27 season next year, EJax 28 (or is it considered 29?), Floyd 29

    If they were going to do a deal with Kenny I always thought Floyd might be the better deal – he probably costs less in prospects, had an extra year of control (until obviously this deal) and if you believe in FIP/xFIP his ERA is probably due for some regression in the positive direction.

    I still think if EJax can be had on a reasonable deal that would be the way to go (especially if they can dump Burnett) … but he's a Boras client so the odds of doing something llke a 3/36 deal is probably fairly low.

  2. The 2012-2013 FA starting pitcher class keeps getting thinner, so I wonder how the remaining pitchers who have not yet signed extensions will plan. The absence of Weaver and Danks is significant, but there is still one huge name (Hamels), two slightly less huge names (Greinke, Cain), and some quality pitchers (Marcum, McCarthy, Lewis, Sanchez, Sanchez, Liriano) who may still hit free agency. As the class thins out, especially at the top end, the demand for the remaining free agents–again, especially at the top end–should go up significantly, providing more incentive for those guys to hit the market. So while I would have liked to see Weaver and/or Danks hit the FA market, there might be a latent benefit to their deals.

    Of course if the Yankees are going to have a $189MM payroll by 2014, none of this might matter.

    • Exactly what i was going to post. They just can't afford $20M+ a year for Hamels (who has had only one elite year, just saying) if they plan to get to the luxury tax threshold.