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7 thoughts on “Gonzalez traded to Nationals

  1. Value is a funny word. If teams desire prospects, then they are valuable. Anyway. I don't much like Gonzalez either. Lacks command and toughness from what I've seen of him. The Nats gave up a bunch and time will tell if it was way too much.

  2. People need to realize that guys like Gonzalez are the hyped prospects that actually pan out. Guys like him are best case scenarios for what you can expect from a Banuelos et al. That's why you trade 3 chances at a guy like Gonzalez for one guy that ACTUALLY is Gonzalez.

  3. Billy Beane is amazing at flipping young pitching for prospects… what a haul… hats off billy!!!

  4. As we have seen in the past, everyone is only a "prospect" until they get to the AL East.