Looking way ahead to the trade market

Writer’s Note: This is irresponsible. There is a very small chance of any of this happening. But, it’s December 27th and very little is likely to happen this week, so please, bear with me here.

For fun, I took a look at the list of potential free agents for 2013. Why? Well, we keep saying that if the Yankees don’t sign any pitching depth, they’ll be able to use that money to acquire a starter. Looking at the list of available pitchers, though, does not inspire much confidence.

There are some big names, like Zack Greinke, Matt Cain, and Cole Hamels, but I highly doubt either one of those three will be available in a trade. Other possibilities include Francisco Liriano and Brandon McCarthy, but the former is often injured and the latter is relatively unproven. There’s also Shaun Marcum, but the Brewers might still compete in the NL Central and there’s always the chance they extend him.

Like they have for most of the Hot Stove season, the future pickings look rather slim. Unless someone falls out of it or the price becomes right, there may not be much out there on the trade market like we’ve anticipated. Each day, it’s looking more and more likely that the Yankees are going to have to stick with the staff they’ve got going now. That’s not exactly confidence inspiring, but there are two sides to that coin. The league may catch up with Ivan Nova, but if his slider works like it did in the second half, he could easily improve. Freddy Garcia could live up (or down?) to his peripherals, but were his peripherals really that awful? Phil Hughes still has the talent to succeed. A.J. Burnett…well, yeah. The Yankees have enough depth and a good enough lineup/bullpen to make it to the deadline. What they do then is up in the air. Big time.

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2 thoughts on “Looking way ahead to the trade market

  1. Matt, I agree about Hamels not being available at the trade deadline. The is absolutely no way the Phillies are out of the playoff picture then and they is no way they won’t do everything possible to extend him by then or even after the 2012 season ends. Whether or not they will resign him I guess we won’t have the answer to that question for some time.

    As for Cain I disagree with you. I think he might very well be traded. I’m not sure sure at all that he will sign an extension with the Giants and I’m not sure the Giants will be in the “hunt” for a playoff spot either. My guess is based on what some of the FA’s just went for he’s could easily command a salary of $18 to $20MM per for 6 years maybe even with a 7th year vesting option.

    As for Greinke the same case I just made for Cain applies to Greinke. The only difference is he’s probably only looking at a 5 year deal next season with the possibility of a 6th year option.

    Just one other comment the trade deadline always provides some surprises about who is available. Usually it’s a player on a team that is unexpected that becomes available. I’m confident that the same thing will happen at the 2012 trade deadline. May be even King Felix.

  2. Whaa-ho, we did notice the talents of Brandon McCarthy when he faced us this fall. Tight slider, good control around the knees. Looked quite sharp, good man to have, hip, hip.