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11 thoughts on “A-Rod undergoes experimental knee procedure

  1. Performance Enhancing Medical Procedures! The scourge of MLB. The players should just get old like the players of yesteryear did. Grainy, b&w photos, FTW.

    /ends feigned disdain

    • …so old school, next you'll be talking about pitchers winning records and importance of RBI's…you old fart…

  2. Germany? The procedure was probably performed in some old castle. I wonder if A-Rod was there when the villagers arrived with torches.

    Ya think Frau Blucher offered A-Rod a glass of Ovaltine before bed?

  3. There was, no doubt, some hot starlet or other groupie ready to feed him as soon as he awoke. And The Post was there to take pics and mock him.

    Rumor is, when he got in the Maybach to leave the facility, there was a Jeter autographed ball waiting for him.

    • I thought, maybe, just a new Maybach. You know – the buy and drive program. Pretty sure Alex needs to watch his pennies.