Post DH All-Yankee Lineup

Though I didn’t watch the show, it did get me thinking. All three of the outfielders mentioned in that article, Reggie Jackson; Bernie Williams; and Paul O’Neill, are some of the finest the Yankees have had in the post DH era. Back when this blog was still (partially) The Yankee...

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Was passing on Beltran (again) a mistake?

As many of us probably remember from the 2005 offseason, Carlos Beltran really wanted to be a Yankee.  Even though the Yankees ultimately passed on Beltran, he reportedly offered to sign with the Yankees for less than the 7-year $119 million contract he ultimately received from the Mets.  Beltran’s tenure with the Mets...

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Another Trade Possibility To Consider

No word on whether or not Joba's TJS rehab includes the same Mickey Mouse workouts he did in 2010.

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With all or almost all of what would have...

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Looking way ahead to the trade market

Writer’s Note: This is irresponsible. There is a very small chance of any of this happening. But, it’s December 27th and very little is likely to happen this week, so please, bear with me here.

For fun, I took a look at the list of potential free agents for 2013. Why? Well, we...

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The Yankees are pinching pennies

Now, if Cashman’s superiors have finally learned the virtue of not chasing whatever offseason acquisition you can get simply for the sake of doing something, I don’t really want to complain. Over the long term, I will certainly advocate the sort of restraint we’re seeing this offseason. The problem, however, is that they’re not implementing the concept correctly from a baseball standpoint. If you’re only worried about the baseball, the correct strategy would be to take your lumps on the cost of those past mistakes while avoiding further long term spending errors and hope that you can get to where you want to once those contracts come off the books. That is decidedly not what the Yankees are doing, if their cries of poverty are to be believed.

Instead we’re getting a crash-diet of austerity, and as in most such cases, the prescription is leaving the patient in a precarious position. At the end of the day, it simply must be noted that the Yankees’ starting rotation is a huge question mark.…

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Cashing In on Overpriced Closers: Can Yanks' GM Turn Soriano Into a Starter?

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Closers have been in both high demand and overabundant supply this offseason.  Jonathan Papelbon set the market early with a 4-year, $50 million contract, and since then, the likes of Heath Bell, Joe Nathan, and Frank Francisco have fallen in line. Meanwhile, Ryan Madson and Francisco Cordero remain on the free agent market,...

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