CC Sabathia, four days of rain, repeat?

How you feelin' big guy? Can I get you anything when you're back in the dug out? Want me to rub your feet? Cause I'll do that for you.

Yesterday I ran a post suggesting that there was no reason for the Yankees not to give Bartolo Colon another one year deal with the team. One point that came up in the post’s comments section is that the Yankees will enter spring training with a full rotation and that Colon would potentially block a younger, internal alternative for the sixth or seventh starter’s role. That got me thinking that it was high time for me to examine in more detail the current state of the 2012 Yankee rotation. Last year it was assumed that the Yankee starters would be a source of weakness for the club. Instead, the Yankees put one of the best starting rotations in the AL on the field. Without further ado, here’s a closer look at the players who may wind up starting for the Yankees.… Click here to read the rest

Wants and Needs

It’s the holiday season, so of course gifts are on our mind. While we may celebrate different holidays and give/receive gifts in our own special ways, when it comes to the Yankees, we get a little greedy, don’t we? We want what we want for the team and we want it now. I wrote a post similar to this last year, so I thought it might be prudent to run down some wants and needs again.

This year, it seems that there aren’t many needs for the Yankees, but the two biggest ones blend perfectly with the wants. All the Yankees really do need to complete the 2012 roster are a number-two starter and a lefty-mashing, right handed hitting outfielder. The latter is more than likely going to be Andruw Jones, which I think we’re all okay with. He fits the role perfectly, did it perfectly last year, and there aren’t many good options other than him, internal or external.… Click here to read the rest

All Bartolo Colon wants for Christmas …

You'd be upset too if you performed well but lost your job anyway.

Slowly but surely much of the Yankee fan base and blogosphere is realizing that the Yankees will probably not make a splashy move this offseason, something I’d believed was likely for some time now. The reasons for this are both clear and sound. The Yankees really only need starting pitching. C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish were the best pitchers available and they are not guaranteed to succeed over the course of a five year contract. Given the Yankees’ considerable financial commitments already on the field any additional contracts need to be well reasoned. Failing that, it makes a lot of sense for the Bombers to bide their time.

But that doesn’t mean the Yankees can’t continue to add high upside, low cost veterans as they have over the past few seasons with considerable success. Freddy Garcia has benefited from this already. As we all know the Yankees signed Garcia to a one year deal last year and he gave the Bombers 145.2 innings of 3.58/4.12/4.34 ERA/FIP/xFIP baseball.… Click here to read the rest

Could expensive trade market create opportunity on Burnett?

Last goodbye?

There’s no doubt that Yankee fans have had their fill of Allan James Burnett over the past two years. Since signing with the Yanks for the 2009 season he’s been maddening, going from brilliance on one night to unwatchable the next. There’s been one excuse offered up after another, from Posada’s catching  to Dave Eiland’s absence to undisclosed family issues. We’ve had two off seasons where two different pitching coaches have worked with him on his mechanics, each time with the promise of a new and improved AJ the following year, who as we know has never showed up. If anything, his results have only become progressively worse year by year and the moments of brilliance fewer and farther between as his fastball slowly gives way to the effects of his 35 years of age this January. Oddly enough, the main concern Yankee fans had when he signed was his health, and that may be the only thing that hasn’t been a problem for him on the mound during his Yankee tenure.… Click here to read the rest

Scout notes on Yankee prospects

Christmas has come early (or Hannukah has come on time, depending on your religious persuasions) for Yankee prospect followers, as Trenton Thunder beat writer Josh Norris has some great reports from scouts on his blog.  You should visit Josh’s site to get the full impressions, but he has info on a number of the Yankees’ top prospects.

This includes Mason Williams (compared to Brett Gardner with a better hit tool and more upside), Jesus Montero (“Hitting-wise, no big deal, he’s a no-brainer. … He might be Miguel Cabrera.”), Dellin Betances (“I think he’s got really good stuff, but he’s got to learn to harness it. I think he’s going to end up as a bullpen guy.”), as well as several others.  Josh is one of the best minor league beat writers, and is great at getting reports on prospects for his readers, so I encourage you to check out the blog or give him a follow on twitter.… Click here to read the rest

Imagining a Yoenis Cespedes Acquisition

I’m on the record saying that Yoenis Cespedes is a poor way to spend a big pile of money, if his market price is as high as advertised. I still believe this, although the new CBA makes me a little more apt to endorse going big on super-risky guys like Cespedes. But since the word on the street is that the Yankees are either strong favorites for his services or aren’t interested at market price. Ignoring his absurd price for a second, I think it’s worth thinking a little bit about what the Yankees would do with him.

Cespedes was one of the best players in Cuba last season. He hit .333/.424/.667, and was selected to the league’s all star team as a center fielder. By all accounts, he is very fast, and has a pretty good arm. No one really knows if he’s truly good defensively in center, but he certainly displays the tools to man the position.

The Yankees would be very foolish to thrust Cespedes directly into the major leagues.… Click here to read the rest